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How to Move From Englewood to Caldwell With Toddlers?

Moving with toddlers is no walk in the park. Toddlers can be very energetic and inquisitive. While it may be one of those features we love about them, it might make your relocation from Englewood to Caldwell a bit harder to manage. However, relocations are hard for you as much as for them, if not more. Kids can be very sensitive to change. So, how to move from Englewood to Caldwell with toddlers? Our team at Caldwell NJ movers will tell you how. Follow our tips to make the move enjoyable for you and your kids.

Are moves from Englewood to Caldwell with toddlers manageable?

The short answer is of course, yes. You are not the first parent who is moving with their toddlers nor will you be the last one. Luckily, the move from Englewood to Caldwell is considered a short-distance move. It will take you around half an hour to get to Caldwell, NJ. However, that’s if you drive non-stop. All the same, movers Englewood NJ, might take longer to arrive unless you specified same-day delivery.

A family during a move from Englewood to Caldwell with toddlers
During your short move from Englewood to Caldwell with toddlers, you should take your own vehicle equipped with a baby toddler seat

Toddlers will be fine when it comes to the actual drive. Only half an hour in a car is manageable. However, we have prepared some tips that will make them excited about the move rather than feeling sad or scared they are leaving their home, even though they may not understand what is going on

Talk to your kids about the move

This one is the first tip to make your relocation manageable is to talk to them about your move. Depending on their age and development, younger toddlers might not understand. Tell them you’re switching houses if they can understand what’s going on. The important thing is to keep your explanations simple so they can understand them. This goes especially if there are any movers you hired for any sort of moving services NJ. Toddlers are very connected with their families at this age, so changing homes might not be a big deal to them. Although changing routines might be.

Toddlers usually have a set routine they follow. It is important to ensure they keep to it, no matter the moving process. Try to have a set time for when NJ movers, are coming to your house, and plan an activity with them. If possible, try to establish a routine beforehand, so there aren’t any sudden changes. For example, if you know two weeks in advance when your movers are coming in, you can start incorporating an activity like playtime. That way, when the movers come, your children won’t feel like anything has changed. It is preferable that they play outside or in a room that can be spared from strangers walking in as it may upset your child.

Pack their bedroom and toys last

As we said, routines are important, especially during your move from Englewood to Caldwell with toddlers. Since children can be sensitive to change, it’s crucial that you try to change things little by little. When packing your house, try to pack your stuff first. Start with the bedroom and the items around the house you use least. You can move on to the kitchen because they will notice that the least. You can gradually pack common areas by packing things you use the least first.

A toddler playing on the floor
Make sure your toddler has all their toys and crib packed last so they don’t feel anxious and scared

If you are hiring a company for their packing services NJ, make sure you explain to them that there are toddlers in the house. It is important for them to be more careful around the house and know in what order you want them to pack your items. Lastly, when packing your child’s belongings, make sure you keep some of their most important things with you. That is their clothes, their favorite toy, and their blanket. And just to be on the safe side, pack some of their favorite food, so they have something they can look forward to and enjoy during the trip.

Get the help you need from familiar faces

One thing is for sure, for your move from Englewood to Caldwell with toddlers, you will need all the help you can get. And other than movers who can make the relocation easier on you, try to enlist your friends and families’ help. They will do it for free, but you should ask for moving quotes NJ, so that you can plan the budget for your move. For you, it will feel like a relief to have some extra helping and supportive hands. Not only that, but it might give you some time to manage the move without leaving your kids with strangers.

Grandmother Holding and Kissing a Baby
Having your family watch your toddler will help you manage the move without constantly worrying about them

Another thing you could do is take your toddler to stay a week with your parents. It will leave you with more time to focus on the move. However, be careful because the sudden changes in homes might be too much for them. Again if they can understand what’s going on and you know how to talk to your kids about your move, you should do that. Otherwise, you can visit your new home and give your kids a small tour of the house. Show them where their room will go and ask them to imagine how great it will be once you move in.

How about unpacking after a move with your toddlers from Englewood to Caldwell?

We come to the last part of our tips for your move from Englewood to Caldwell with toddlers. That part is all about unpacking. If you have successfully packed, unpacking should be a breeze. Make sure you unpack their bedroom first. Unpacking is always a hassle, but it’s important that they have a safe space right after moving in. You should unpack their beds, linens, toys, and clothes. After that, you are done with the move and can start enjoying your new home with your toddlers.




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