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How to move antiques and collectibles

Moving as it is is a very stressful moment in our lives. So, when you are moving with kids, pets it just gets more stressful. There are a lot of things to take care of, and you can feel overwhelmed sometimes. And we can say – it is normal. And, then you need to plan the moving day – choose the best company, get an estimate from them. Somewhere in that whole chaos, you need to remember one thing when you move antiques and collectibles you need to take extra care about them. We all have something that is very fragile and maybe even expensive. We have created this guide so you can avoid any of your precious items being damaged.

a box marked with fragile that we use to move antiques and collectibles
You should be careful with your fragile antiques and collectibles

What should you do before you move antiques and collectibles?

When it comes to moving, the best thing to do before that is to get your collectibles and antiques appraised. You will have the documented value of your belongings. Also, you will have all the documents needed to get the insurance for them. That way, when you move antiques and collectibles you will be completely safe even if something happens to them.

One thing that you also need to do is to go through all of your belongings and decide what you will keep, what will you throw. Relocating your antiques and collectibles is a long and serious process, so make sure that you will have enough space for them in your new home.

Preparation to move antiques and collectibles

Once you got your belongings insured, and you decided what you will bring with yourself you need to make one more important decision. Will you be looking for moving services NJ or you will do it on your own. If you decide to hire professional movers, you will have to tell them what exactly are you planning to move. The reason for that is pretty simple. For some big, fragile items they need to make a plywood crate in that size. Sometimes, making plywood crates is the only way to move some items. Also, you should do the inventory of the items that you are planning to move. One good idea that might come in handy is to take pictures of your precious belongings.

plywood crate to move antiques and collectibles
For some pieces of antique furniture, you will need a special plywood crate

Things to avoid when packing your antiques and collectibles

If you decided to go on your own and pack your belongings, there are some things that you should avoid doing. You need your items to be in the same condition even after the move. We need to point out that packing really valuable items on your own are a pretty high risk. Keep that in mind, and maybe you can pack smaller items on your own. And if you have some antique furniture – you could let that to the professional moving company. But, you should avoid the following:

  • You should avoid using newspaper on your antique items since the ink can rub off on your items
  • Packing tape should never touch any of your items since it can do a lot of damage
  • When it comes to figurines – only one should in one box. If you overpack the box your items will definitely break
  • Use only good, reliable boxes – they should have at least 2 layers
  • Use only good and quality materials such as bubble wrap, elastic bands etc.

Belongings that you should move on your own

Some belongings it is better to move by yourself. You should also get them appraised and ensured. But a lot of moving companies will advise you to move these items on your own. Some of the belongings that you should move on your own are jewelry, antique weapons, coin and stamp collections, watches. Although the same rule goes for this items – you should do the inventory and take pictures of them. And of course, use quality packing materials for them as well.

gold wedding rings
You should move your jewelry on your own

Should you move your antique furniture?

Well, although this might seem easy on the first look it is better to find a reputable moving company for this. A lot of commercial movers NJ  will be able to assist you and safely move your antique furniture. You should check are there any loose parts, screws and similar. You should also advise your moving company about how many pieces do you have to move that is antique. As we mentioned, they might need to make a plywood crate, so your belongings can be transferred safely.  So, the answer to this question is no. The best thing you could do is to hire professionals. There is a minimum chance for something to happen to your antique furniture, and therefore you will save much more money.

Packing your antiques and collectibles

There are a couple different ways how you can pack and move antiques and collectibles. You can use more than one box, or you can use styrofoam, and of course bubble wrap. When you are packing your belongings, you should pack them in separate boxes. And wrap them with acid-free paper. Also, the important thing to remember is to always use a box that is slightly bigger than the item you plan to pack. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t save the wrapping materials just to save some money. Your memories and your valuable belongings don’t have a price. As we mentioned, leave packing of heavy items to professionals.

The most important thing that you need to do is to mark the boxes with fragile. So, when your moving company comes on your moving day, they will pay extra attention to those boxes. And with that, they will have a special place in the moving truck. And, the whole move antiques and collectibles will be much easier.

Moving your antiques and collectibles

Your moving company will know how to properly pack the truck, so your items will not get damaged. If you are moving the boxes on your own, pay extra attention and do not put anything heavy on top of your fragile items. Once you arrive at your destination, a good idea would be to unload the fragile items first and place them somewhere safe in your new home. You will need time to unpack everything and a good thing would be to have them safely stored. And if something gets damaged in the process of move- do not panic. You have everything ensured and you have pictures of your items. So, you are on the safe side!


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