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How to move a retail store to Guttenberg

Guttenberg is a suburb of a big, famous city. NYC is a dream for many since it offers many business opportunities. But this comes with a high cost that drives potential business owners away. The suburbs of big cities are the option that many choose since they are still in the city, but not exactly in the most expensive part. Guttenberg is a suburb like this one, close to the city’s hotspot, but still with somewhat lower costs. Regardless, no matter what part of the Big Apple you decide to move to, some professional movers NJ can help you get around since they know the area well. In this article, however, we will give you a few insightful tips on how to move a retail store to Guttenberg.

What should you know before you decide to move a retail store to Guttenberg?

NYC is one of the most densely populated cities in the USA, and this population requires many retail stores. According to statistics, there are 32,600 active businesses in the retail sector in NYC. When trying to decide on a place to move your business to, you need to research the market first. There are well-developed stores already doing business there, like the Galaxy Mall in your case. But there is enough pie for everyone if you manage to move a retail store to Guttenberg with as small a productivity decrease as possible. You can do that by hiring some of the best movers Guttenberg NJ has, or by:

  • Reducing downtime
  • Creating incentives for customers
  • Do as much as you can before the actual moving day
Picture of a busy street
When you want to move a retail store to Guttenberg, keep in mind that it already has a developed retail industry.

Reduce downtime

Downtime is the period during or after moving when your store won’t work due to relocation. All the time that your store is closed, you will be losing money. In a competitive market like NYC, every hour counts. Even though a local move doesn’t include a long distance, you will face challenges along the way. Reputable, experienced movers NJ to NYC offers can help you get ready faster so that your team can keep working to reduce downtime.

Customer Incentives

If you have had your business in the old place for a long time, you likely have at least a few loyal customers. But even frequent buyers will stop coming if they need to go out of their way to get to your store. Relocations tend to alienate old customers, who typically start visiting places that are located close to them. In case you really value these people, you can offer them incentives like an opening party, discounts, or special loyalty programs.

Do as much as possible before the big day

You cannot leave everything for moving day, hoping that it will go well. You will be left with a mess that will take days to complete. Days that you cannot afford to lose. To ease into the new place faster, there are a few things that you can set up even before the moving day. You can move certain items that you rarely use or stock up shelves before your official moving date with premier office movers NJ recommends. This way, you will greatly reduce the downtime after moving.

Picture of a family who managed to move a retail store to Guttenberg
Before the moving day, make sure to handle as many obligations as you can. Stocking up shelves is certainly one to tackle!

Final thoughts on moving a retail store to the Guttenberg area

Even though Guttenberg has a small population of only 11,000 residents, the area is densely populated. The retail market is well established, like in every big city, so you need to be careful. The location of your retail business is the most important factor for attracting new customers, so try to stay within the commercial areas of the neighborhood when attempting to move a retail store to Guttenberg.


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