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How to make packing fun for the kids?

Packing is one of the garden parts of every move, so you will need all the help you can get. Your kids, no matter how young, can be great packing assistance, since they can pack pretty much all of the stuff – or at least the items that are not fragile. But, getting your kids to help out might be difficult for you. There are ways to make packing fun for kids since you will get some help much easier this way. Let’s see what they are!

How to get your kids to help out?

The help your kids can offer is not insignificant, and you will see that once the packing starts. There is so much that they do alone that you will be amazed.
children pillow fighting
If you make packing feel like a game, your kids will help you out more
But, first, you have to get then to help you. You can do this by:
  • Letting the kids decorate the boxes once they pack one will make them wish they have more boxes to paint so they will work more
  • Allow them to make labels once they pack a box if you are using the best packing services NJ has to offer
  • Kids like to help others most of the time, so you can tell them to make piles of things that they want to keep and the ones that they want to donate to the underprivileged children
  • If you allow the to toss items inside of the boxes to practice shooting hoops, you could make packing fun for the kids
  • Make a competition on who pack the most boxes and make up prizes to motivate them to do as much job as possible
  • They could take photos of the items around the house before packing, for insurance
  • Tell them that they should show you what they like and what they don’t like regarding the toys, by separating the toys in different boxes
  • The scavenger hunt is a great way to get your kids to find the things on the list you make, so write down every group of items that should be packed and hand it over
Kids will most likely be happy to help, at least when it comes to packing their rooms. But, it doesn’t hurt to try and make packing even more fun. 

They will love helping you if you try to make packing fun for the kids

Kids love playing, and if you make packing fun for them, they will see it as playing and will love to help you out as much as they can. Making sure that you don’t get stressed out around them and don’t get nervous since they will see it as more fun and do more of the actual work. Sure, you can make them help you, but it’s much better if they help you because they want to do it. Moving services NJ has to offer will make the moving process easier as well, not just the kids. Make sure you get the best moving company for your move.
make packing fun for the kids- children
If your kids help you out with the packing process, you will be done much faster
Kids are great helpers, no matter if they help because they wish to or because you told them they have to, but it’s much more fun for both you and them if they see it as a game. There are many ways for you to make packing fun for the kids, so you will surely do it in no time.

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