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How to make a green move?

Relocation is a not so environmentally-friendly process. Lots of trash gets left behind, while plenty of moving material is simply wasted. Not to mention the frequent trips to your new home and back. Even if you are not too much of a green movement enthusiast, having a green move is simpler than you know. And why not do at least a bit for the environment when you are more than able to? Future generations will salute your efforts.

A green move means being smart with your packing

Packing is the biggest part of every move. Fortunately, it is the one you can influence the most. From boxes and storage bins to packing material, options are many. An important part of this objective is to be creative and plan ahead.

A green painted hand holding a leaf
If you want to go green, know that it is easier than you may think

Use what you have

Since you’ll already need to store your items into certain containers, why not use the ones you have? Objects that ought to be taken into consideration include:

  • suitcases
  • plastic bins
  • gym and duffel bags
  • grocery totes
  • dresser drawers

Take the last option with a grain of salt, since its practicality may vary depending on the size of the furniture piece. Other than that, filling these storage bins with your belongings will save you money and be a great asset to the green move we are going for. The more items you fit in these suggested solutions, the fewer boxes you’ll have to acquire.

Store beforehand

We all buy and order items online. Smarter individuals tend to store quality boxes for future use. These are the people to learn from. If you know that relocation in the near future is imminent, of you are just the type of person who moves a lot, start saving on time. Break down your boxes of choice and keep them in your attic, basement or under the bed, wherever they won’t get in the way.

Neatly folded carboard boxes
A correct method of storing boxes can leave you with plenty to go around

Still need more boxes?

If there is no other way around it, and you simply need more packing options, there is still an eco-friendlier way to get moving boxes Jersey City. Before buying, try to get already used, but undamaged boxes. See if your local grocery or clothing stores have some to spare. Maybe a friend who has recently moved fortunately saved a few packages. However, if a purchase is unavoidable, opt for reusable goods, such as plastic boxes. Know that you also have the option of renting such containers.

Who needs packing material?

While boxes can be easy to recycle, other packing materials are not so rewarding. There are certain collection points that can work with the wrapping materials, but many people fail to take them there. Thus, these items get thrown in the trash more often than not. It will please you to know that most of the material you need for safe-proofing your prized possessions are already in your home. Towels, linens, comforters, and even clothes are all perfectly suitable for wrapping your fragile belongings. For any additional padding, use newspapers that you can throw in a standard recycling bin after you are done with them. Just in case, if there is no way to go around plastic materials, consult the Internet and see where you can drop them off after the unpacking.

Leave the kitchen for the end

What does the kitchen have to do with a green move, one might wonder? Well, packing all of your cups, plates, and cutlery will make you opt for plastic replacements. Do avoid this utter disaster and leave just enough of your needed kitchen items to get through this vexatious period.

A plastic cup
Do not support the manufacture of plastic cups and utensils. They are bad for the environment and will not make your green move successful

Moving company matters

Besides hiring a company for packing services NJ, you can also use take up their moving offer. However, knowing that a green move is our main goal, a good way to make a positive impact on your environment would be to hire a company committed to eco-friendly practices. Biodiesel fuel instead of traditional gas makes a difference. See that your company of choice has appropriate trucks that run on such fuel. Some companies can help with finding reusable moving boxes, further helping your cause.

Donate, recycle, toss

Moving is the perfect time to declutter and a great opportunity to get rid of items you no longer need. We suggest that you go from room to room and go through all of your possessions. Be thorough, honest and ruthless. Relocating fewer items will save you money, time and nerves. Besides, you will get to enjoy your new home with the belongings you actually need. What to do with the items you now deem redundant? Donating is a great option. Make sure that the items that make it on that list are undamaged and of use. Various charities and local organizations welcome any kind of aid. Look up local schools, libraries and animal shelters for the help that you offer.

A dog in an animal shelter
Giving to those in need is always a proper way to act

Recycling means getting rid of things in the right way. If you feel confused, consult the Internet about proper ways of recycling any kind of material or electronics. As you can see, a green move is all about informing yourself of possible methods. Once you know where and how to start, making amends to Mother Nature comes easy, and natural, pun intended.


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