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How to lower your moving costs

We’d all like a chance to move for less money. Relocation is a stress on the mind the body and the wallet. Not to mention moving scams, unprofessional movers or even injuries. All of this combined can make a relocation extremely unpleasant. However, we have the cure! Here are the best tips on how to lower your moving costs and have a stress free move.

Limit your budget

Plan and calculate your budget well in advance of the moving day. See what you can spare and what you’ll be able to save. Your moving costs will be affected by what you move, so, try to calculate and determine your budget.

Get rid of things

The weight of your things and the distance of the move will be the two main factors affecting the price of your relocation. You cannot change the distance of the move (especially if you’re moving for work), but you can affect the weight of the things you’ll bring with you. Remove all nostalgia from your mind and get rid of everything you don’t actually need. Decluttering is a great way to lower your movings costs. 

PROTIP: Consider the climate at the location you are moving to. You can lower your moving costs by getting rid of a lot of winter clothes if you are moving to LA, or a lot of summer clothes if you are moving to Canada.

In case you decide to keep some of your precious possessions when moving to New Jersey, you can always find storage and have your things shipped to you when you are settled in.

Have a yard sale

lower your moving costs by having a yard sale
Selling some of your things will improve your moving budget and reduce the expenses

When you’re purging your clothes away, remember that you can actually make a profit off them as well. Organize a yard sale to sell all the things you won’t be taking with you. This way, you are actually making money from your move! Whatever you can’t sell, just donate or throw away.

Get cheap movers

You can find a lot of cheap moving services NJ if you research a bit. Try to find the best balance between hiring good and affordable movers. Even though you don’t want to overpay, you definitely don’t want to get scammed. If it’s too cheap to be true, it’s usually because it’s not true. You can end up without your things or incompetent movers can damage your irreplaceable possessions. Research a number of companies and decide which one is the best for you. With some movers, you can even negotiate the price or ask for special offers.

sometimes hiring professional moves can lower your moving costs
Research at least 10 moving companies to find the best one

A good moving company will send a representative and give you an estimate in writing, however, you can get multiple estimates online for free. Check out at least 5 and decide which one best suits your needs. Even though your move should be as cheap as possible, you should still consider the quality of the service.

Time it right

Whether you are hiring a mover or not, some costs can be reduced just by timing your relocation perfectly. Usually, the “hottest” months for moving are in the late spring and throughout the summer. You can choose any date outside of season and move for less money.

Furthermore, if you book your moving date a long time in advance it will be substantially cheaper than a last-minute move. So, if you plan ahead and time it right, you can move for a very little amount of cash.

A scale measuring a clock on one end and money on the other
You know what they say: “Time is money.” Make sure your timing is perfect

Pack by yourself to lower your moving costs

Many moving companies will allow you to choose services you want from them. You can choose to only pay for the services you absolutely need. Like loading your things or driving them to the new location. You can lower your moving costs by packing yourself. Not only will you make sure your things are well protected by you will also save a lot of money.

However, don’t try to pack or move special items by yourself. Things like pool tables, grandfather clocks, and pinball machines can be seriously damaged if moved improperly. Not to mention the injuries that may occur when regular people try to move these without proper equipment.

You can also reduce expenses by:

  • loading/unloading yourself (easiest way to greatly lower your moving costs)
  • driving yourself
  • hiring only one mover to drive and help you load/unload

Save on boxes

This is something you’ll need for a short period of time and then you’ll throw it away. Best to not waste too much money on it. There are many ways you can get free cardboard boxes to further lower your moving costs.


Not the best idea for someone who hasn’t already moved. You might have to drive a moving truck for long periods of time or carry heavy loads. If you feel confident though, call up your friends and give it a go. Just be careful

Deduce it from your taxes

Check to see if you meet the criteria for a moving tax deduction. If you do, you might need to fill out some forms and give some evidence of the costs. So, save your receipts. If you are relocating because of work, you might have a greater chance for the tax deduction.

Relax, you’re doing fine

A woman meditating to stay relaxed on the moving day
Don’t stress out over everything that will happen on moving day

The move can be taxing on the nerves as much as it can on the purse. Try to reduce the “mental costs” of the move. Don’t stress if something doesn’t go as planned – this is completely normal for a hectic endeavor such as moving. Try to limit the damage and focus on planning your life after the move. You’ll meet new challenges in a new environment so make sure you have the energy to meet them.

In the end, you might decide that hiring professional movers NJ might be the best way to lower the moving costs. Or you may decide to risk it all and do it completely by yourself. Whatever it is, make sure you prepare well and that you have at least two other people with you.



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