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How to keep your walls and doors safe when moving?

Moving can be a challenging experience. You have to plan everything to the smallest details. Especially if you want to keep your walls and doors safe during the relocation. Ample Moving is going to help you with that, and do the hard work for you. No matter if you are moving to another state or just a couple of blocks away you need to make a detailed plan. According to your busy schedule, you have to manage everything. From packing your belongings to relocate them without any damage. And also you want to make as little damage as possible to the walls and doors in your current home. During the whole relocation process.

Protect your walls

One of the best indirect ways to protect walls during your move is to think before you act.  Before you start moving your furniture, you just have to have a good and detailed plan. One that you think will work out okay in the end. With no damage to your walls, and injuries to yourself as well. Reliable movers NJ that residence recommends can provide you with the help and assistance that you need. To safely relocate to your new home.

open doors and clear path.
Clear your exit paths.

Here are some guidelines in order to protect your walls:

  • Clear the exit paths in order to keep your walls and doors safe – make sure there are no obstacles of any kind – boxes, smaller furniture pieces like chairs, or anything else. The path that leads out of your home should be clear and clean. Wet spots can cause your movers to lose balance and damage the walls.
  • Have enough people to help – It all depends on the weight and dimension of the items. You are for sure going to need a minimum of 2 persons. So they can carry a large item without damaging the walls and floors. For much bigger pieces of furniture or appliances, you will need 4 persons. Either ask your friends for help or hire professionals.
  • Dress adequate – Make sure you wear comfortable shoes that are enclosed and provide good traction (anti-slip soles).
    To protect the walls, take off any large rings you may be wearing on your fingers that can get accidentally scraped against a wall and leave a mark on it.

One of the ways to protect walls when moving is to disassemble the largest furniture units before moving them out of their places. The better you pack it, the less are the chances of wall damage.

Tips to keep your walls and doors safe

As with walls, the greatest danger comes from large household items. Such as dressers, couches, tables. And appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher. The types of damage your doors and door frames can get during a move include scratches, nicks, dents, gouges, scuffs, scrapes, and breakage. You can prevent that by simply covering and padding your doorways with various protective materials. Such as moving blankets, bubble bags, and cardboard sheets.

Door knob
Protect your doors and doorknobs with various protective materials.

Blankets are the most efficient and most used items. That also professional movers use. Most moving companies will offer you a packing service. In case you don’t have the time to do it on your own. Another tip in order to keep your doors safe and prevent damage is to just remove them. This is a method that you should use if the door is quite expensive. And possible damage will probably cost a lot of money to repair. Also, if the measurements of the bulky items are almost the same as your door. So in that case you don’t want to risk it. Just remove the door. You should have in mind that some doors are easy to remove. While others are really hard to take off their hinges without causing serious damage.

You can use a moving dolly to wheel out your huge furniture pieces or any other bulky items that have the potential to damage your doors and door frames. The moving dolly will make your life a lot easier. Since it is much easier to navigate around smaller doorways and tight corners. As for the walls, you need to plan and prepare in order to avoid damage. You can also hire professional movers for help. In case you are not quite handy or have a lack of time.

Find reliable movers

We don’t need to mention how crucial it is to find a reliable moving company. It is going to make your life much easier, but also, on the other hand, you have to take time in order to find the right company. That suits your needs and budget. When choosing your reliable moving company, make sure to check at least 4 to 5 companies. That way you will have the best overview of prices and services.

man covering his face with hands
If you don’t have the time and nerves you should hire a reliable moving company.

The key things you should pay attention to when choosing a moving company are information on the company’s webpage, company address, and license number. Every information you get on the company’s webpage can be of service. You will also see and check if the company is serious about its business. You will probably be busy preparing everything for the relocation, but you should find at least some time to check the address of your potential movers. Just to make sure that they really exist. Because there are a lot of fraudulent companies that are using the licenses of the already existing ones. Pay special attention to that, you can never be too sure.

When a company is good people are going to talk about it. That is why the reviews are very important as well as recommendations. From your friends or colleagues. Collect as many opinions and information as you can! In order to choose the right company for you. If you want to keep your walls and doors safe during the move you have to prepare well. And plan accordingly with your schedule. Otherwise, you can always ask for help from either your friends or professionals. It is up to you.


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