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How to involve all family members into the packing process when moving

We all know that packing for a relocation is no easy task. Besides being very hard to organize, it can also become tiresome and stressful. Especially if you are moving with your family. When searching for moving companies Jersey City most of them will offer packing services. But if you want to stay on a budget, or just take care of packing on your own, read on to find out how to involve all family members into the packing process when moving.

Preparing for packing

Once you find out that you are moving, an endless list of tasks and chores will come up. And it will only get larger and larger as time progresses. Besides all the obligations regarding the move itself, packing is one of the largest tasks you will have to undertake. And involve all family members in the packing process when moving an even harder task!

Firstly, you need to start gathering packing supplies as soon as you can. Boxes and protecting material are a must. You can ask around local businesses if they have any extra boxes you can have. Of course, you can always try to get professional moving supplies from a moving company that provides packing services NJ.

Faceless man carrying big labeled box
Make sure you have enough packing supplies when you plan to involve all family members into the packing process when moving

Some of the packing supplies you will need are:

  • Boxes and packing tape – either plastic or cardboard. If you plan on storing some items, plastic boxes would be better.
  • Protective equipment – these can be bubble wraps, plastic or cloth covers, or wrapping paper. These could be handled by kids when it comes to trying to involve all family members into the packing process when moving
  • Plastic bags – vacuum plastic bags and smaller sip bags. These can be handy for gathering really small items. Or in the case of vacuum bags, for your beddings and curtains.
  • Tools – A toolset is a must. You will have to disassemble furniture or disconnect various devices. Also markers and notebooks for labeling and making an inventory list.

Planning to involve all family members into the packing process when moving

The best start when it comes to involving all family members in the packing process when moving is to make a plan for everyone. Write everyone’s name and think about their possibilities,

For instance, if there are kids involved, you may want to make them in charge of packing their toys or stuffing the boxes with protective paper or bubble wrap. Your partner or a parent may be handy with tools. Make them a list of furniture and appliances that have to be disassembled or disconnected. Or if they have good organizational skills and an eye for details, include them in planning or have them make inventory and loading priority list. You can ask them to research, for example, moving companies Montclair NJ, and make a list of the best ones for your requirements.

You can also make a chore board, and write a task for each day. Cross the finished tasks, and make sure everything is on schedule. You can even have a little reward like cookies or a favorite meal. This can be very motivational for kids. It will also help them develop important skills while keeping them occupied.

Scale the size and the amount of stuff that needs to be packed and moved

Make an overall inventory list of all your household belongings. This list does not have to be very detailed, but it has to have stuff from each room and a list of all furniture. Besides getting the sense of the time needed to pack it all, you will then know if you will require any special moving services NJ when it comes to moving. For example, some items may require special care or handling or even special permits for transfer. You can use this list to make a packing plan that will involve all family members into the packing process when moving.

Start handing out tasks

When trying to involve all family members into the packing process when moving, it’s hard to make everyone happy. Stressful situations may occur since the move is difficult for everyone. That is why it is important to discuss with everyone their tasks. They may feel more comfortable doing the physical work, rather than organizing boxes. Of course, everybody should participate equally and that is why compromise is crucial.

A man and a woman siting on a couch with packed cardboard boxes around the, with a laptop on their lap.
Go over your packing plan with your family and work out the details.

Make sure you switch with your tasks from time to time. For example, on one day, one of you can clean and dust off items before packing, and the other one can tape and move the boxes. On the following day, you can switch. Or you can both do the same job at the same time, just keep each other company. Or supervise, if there are kids involved.

Include kids into the packing process

Moving to a new home can be especially stressful for kids. By making them a part of the preparations and packing process, you can take their mind off saying goodbye to their friend and surroundings and the fear of the unknown. Depending on the age, give them various tasks that they can handle. It will make them have a sense of control while everything is changing. If your kids are very young, you can make them stuff the boxes with protective gear. Or let them tape the labels to the boxes.

A little girl laying on top of her opened suitcase while daydreaming.
Let your kids pack their own room!

Organize a small celebration when you finish the packing process

Once you finish packing, go to the restaurant with your family to celebrate and reward yourself for the hard work. This will give everyone a sense of accomplishment. You will all be in a good mood with bellies full, knowing you finished a huge job. When you involve all family members into the packing process when moving, it can bring you even closer to each other. You could also have a farewell party where you would invite your extended family and friends to say goodbye.



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