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How to help your neighbors on their moving day

Have you ever moved? Do you know someone that recently moved? If yes, then you know how difficult it can be. People will generally have so many things to do so they would appreciate all the help they can get. Of course, the best help would be from professionals. That’s why most people are looking for professional movers NJ. However, there are certain things that movers cannot help you with. Since most people are already stressed enough, they might not be able to organize everything properly. For this reason, if your neighbors are moving, you should help them out. Here are all the ways to help your neighbors on their moving day. 

Help your neighbors on their moving day by asking them first 

As mentioned, most people would hire moving services NJ since it is always easier to move with professional moving help. For this reason, before you decide to do something, you should ask your neighbors. If you are close to your neighbors, you can visit them one day and ask what they are up to. When they confirm that they are moving, you can suggest helping them out. Only if they want your help, you can see what you can do for them. On the other hand, if you are not really close to your neighbor but still want to help out, you can suggest this topic when you meet them somewhere in the building or on the street. Even though you have the best intentions, it is important to respect their wishes. Some people would prefer to do everything by themselves.  

two women talking
Make sure to ask your neighbors if you can help

Take care of their kids 

The first thing that you can do for your neighbors that will be very useful would be babysitting. It is difficult to move when you have children. It can be quite challenging to take care of your kids and organize the entire relocation. In addition to this, when moving companies Montclair NJ arrive to pick up all the household items, people would want to keep their kids out of the way. This is beneficial both for children’s and movers’ safety. For this reason, if your neighbors have kids, you can suggest babysitting them on their moving day. This way, your neighbors can focus on helping movers load the moving truck. This is actually one of the best ways to help your movers since they will know their kids are safe and taken care of. 

Help your neighbors on their moving day by looking after their pets 

Again, it can be quite challenging to move with your pet. Most animals do not like changing their territory, especially cats and dogs. In addition to this, when movers NJ to NYC arrive, the cat or the dog might get agitated, so they can easily escape through the open door. They might distract movers or even people moving, so this can cause injuries or damages. Therefore, you can also suggest looking after your neighbors’ pets. This would be the best way to help your neighbors. They can concentrate on their moving date and all moving-related tasks. In the case of a dog, you can see with your neighbors if you can take it for a walk or simply keep it in the house. As for the cat, you don’t have a lot of choices. Make sure to keep all the doors closed so the pet would not run away. 

help your neighbors on their moving day by walking their dogs
Help your neighbors on their moving day by looking after their pets

Notify your neighborhood

If you’re living in the building, your neighbors should notify the management team about their upcoming relocation. For this reason, you can help them out by contacting the management team or putting up the sign about their relocation. In addition to this, movers will come with a moving truck. Therefore, they would need a place where to park the truck. If you have a parking space, then you can let your neighbors use it for the day. You can also help them reserve the parking place for the moving truck. The same goes for the elevator. Usually, if someone is moving, they need to reserve the elevator or at least notify other residents that the elevator might not be always available. You can help your neighbors with making the notice, reserving, etc. Make sure that your neighbors are on the board with this idea. 

Help your neighbors on their moving day by carrying boxes 

As you might know, moving is mostly about countless boxes and packed items. Your neighbors will need to carry all the boxes to the moving truck. Here is how you can help them.  

  • Measure the doorways – some large furniture cannot be disassembled. For this reason, your neighbors will need to carry them in their original form. Take measures together with your neighbors to see if the furniture can fit through. 
  • Clean the pathway – you can also help your neighbors to clean the pathway so no one would accidentally trip over the boxes and injure themselves. 
  • Carry the boxes – if your neighbors are going to carry the boxes alone, you can help them out. It is difficult and even dangerous to carry heavy boxes, so they would need help. 
  • Load the moving truck – you can also help organize the moving truck. 
boxes against the wall
You can carry the boxes as well

Helping with movers 

You can also help your neighbors on their moving day by preparing refreshments and snacks for movers. This is something you don’t have to do when you’re moving, but it is a nice gesture and movers will definitely appreciate it. You can suggest to your neighbors this idea so they can focus more on the technical parts of their relocation. As you can see, it is a wonderful idea to help your neighbors, but make sure they really appreciate your help. Some people would rather organize everything by themselves, and that’s completely fine. Before doing anything, make sure to receive your neighbor’s approval, and together you can organize everything. 


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