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How to find Low Income Apartments in Jersey City

Jersey City is a great place to live, work and raise a family. It is especially convenient if you are looking to work across the Hudson River but still pay a lower rent. But rent prices have been rising for years. And it is becoming ever more difficult to pay the rent. Especially if you are on a low income. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to take a look at low income apartments in Jersey City.

Low income apartments come in many forms. And choosing the right option for you can mean all the difference. Options for low income apartments in Jersey City are:

  • Finding an affordable apartment on your own
  • Privately owned subsidized housing apartments.
  • Public Housing apartments
  • Housing Choice Voucher aka Section 8 listings

Why are low income apartments in Jersey City a great option

Many Americans including the elderly, disabled and low income families need affordable housing. Housing that is safe, stable and sanitary. And there is much low income apartment in Jersey City that is offering just that. The state of New Jersey, the federal government, and some private organizations are offering a wide range of subsidies to low income families. They come in many forms, each with its own pros and cons. Most subsidies are administered by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD for short.

low income apartments in Jersey City
Apartment buildings in Jersey City

Subsidized housing apartments

Subsidized housing apartment is privately owned apartments that are offered at a lower price. The apartment owners need to apply in order to be able to offer subsidized low income apartments. The owners are usually people who want to help the less fortunate. They are lowering their own profit and offering a valuable service to you. There are many non-profit organizations that do the same. This is a great way of finding low income apartments in Jersey City. You will have a decent apartment in a good location. And rents are much lower than their market value.

Public housing

Public housing is referring to apartment buildings or blocks owned by the government. It is offered by federal, state or local government. Sometimes they are working together with non-profit organizations. The aim is to offer people a chance for an affordable housing within the city they live in. In the past, these projects were being centered around a single location. But now they are much more diversified. Hence they offer you an opportunity for a decent apartment in a good location. Their price is a fraction of their market value and offers a great opportunity for resolving your housing situation.

Housing Choice Voucher

Housing choice voucher program is often referring to section 8 housing act. This program is offering rent subsidies to elderly, disabled and very low income families. And, the assistance is granted on behalf of an individual or a family. So it gives you the opportunity to find great low income apartments in Jersey City. But without limiting you to public or subsidized housing. You can choose an apartment that meets the minimum requirements of the program. Those requirements are mostly referring to health and safety.

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You can try to get a house


Housing choice vouchers are administered locally by public housing agencies (PHAs). Eligibility for a housing voucher is determined by the PHA. It is based on the annual income and family size. It is offered only to US citizens. Although some specified categories of non-citizens can also apply. In general, a family’s income must be lower than 50% of the median income of the are they live in.  PHA publish median income and they depend on the area you live in.

These vouchers are a great way of finding low income apartments in Jersey City. But the downside is that there is a long waiting list. By law, PHA is required to provide 75% of its vouchers to families with less than 30% of the median income.

When you apply, PHA will start collecting information on family income and assets. They will verify it with your employer and bank. PHA will use that information to determine the amount of the housing assistance payment.

If you are eligible to receive the housing assistance you will be on the waiting list. The waiting time can be very long. But when your turn comes PHA will contact you and issue you a housing voucher.

Finding an affordable apartment on your own

Rent can often be very expensive. But, it is possible to find a decently priced apartment on your own. There are many reasons why you wouldn’t want to look for low income apartments in Jersey City. Maybe your income is not low enough to qualify for subsidized housing. Or maybe you want more freedom in choosing the location of your apartment. In order to find a decent apartment at an affordable price, you need to employ patience and creativity.

There are many ways of saving money when moving. You just have to set your priorities and consult your budget from time to time to see where are you standing at this point. Also, if the situation is not really favorable at this moment, it is better to wait for some time, than rush into buying a property that is not ticking the most of your boxes. On the other hand, you can hire an affordable local movers NJ to help you with your relocation.

The Internet is your best friend

When looking for an affordable apartment in Jersey City internet is the best tool at your disposal. There are a lot of resources online that will help you find the right apartment for you. If you are moving to a different city it will be hard to know everything. But by doing your research you can save a lot of money on rent.

lap top on desk with a notebook
You need to search online for your dream apartment

First, familiarize yourself with the layout of the city. Also, get to know the neighborhoods and apartment prices in them. Look at the transpiration network of the city and plan your search accordingly. Find cheap Hoboken movers to further save money. All of that will be of great help when trying to save money. There are many online communities that will help you in your searches such as Reddit and JCList.

Look for apartments that are not on the PATH

Port Authority Trans-Hudson or PATH for short is a rapid transit system that connects northern metropolitan New Jersey with lower and mid-town Manhattan. It is a great way to commute to work. But just because the apartment is not in the walking distance of a PATH station doesn’t mean it’s in a bad location. Those apartments are usually a lot cheaper. But Jersey City has a great light rail system that connects the neighborhoods that are not on the PATH.


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