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How to evaluate a moving company

So, you have just finished your relocation and you are happy with how your movers did their job? Or maybe not? Here in our article, we will give you advice on how you can evaluate a moving company based on their skills and services! Also, we will tell you why your feedback is important for both the moving company and for the potential future customers! Continue reading to find out how to leave a professional review without a problem!

Evaluate a moving company – where to begin

When you want to give feedback about the moving company, you need to figure out what, to begin with. There are a couple of instances where people just get to some of the services, but you won’t do that! We promised you will do it like a pro, and give a great customers review! Trust us, this will help a lot of people who are searching for reliable movers NJ for their relocation! The base of the review should be an overall statement on the companies work and how well they treated you. So start with the things people will meet first when they contact the moving company!

Man on a lap top who is about to evaluate a moving company
If you want to evaluate a moving company start with the basic things about it

Start with customer’s service and prices

The first thing you will get to know about the moving company is its customer’s service. The pleasant voice of the person behind the line and their professional approach should give you an idea of how good the company is. If you have any questions, they will have all the answers you need. Also, they will provide you with guidance through your moving process. Starting with the moving estimates all the way to hiring the moving company. All the while having the patience to work with you and help you with your moving. This is one of the first things you need to write about when you evaluate a moving company. Especially when it comes to moving companies Hudson County NJ since there are a lot of professional and reliable companies there.

Three women from customer's service
Start your review with the performance of their customer’s service

Give feedback on their prices

The second thing you have to talk about when you want to evaluate a moving company is their prices. When it comes to their moving estimates, there shouldn’t be much difference between the moving companies. They all have almost the same costs which can differ a bit, based on whether or not they want to give a better option. Focus on several factors that influence the moving cost:

  • The distance you are travelling
  • How many items you are transporting. This can heavily influence the overall cost of the move. Pay attention to this part when you evaluate a moving company.
  • Access to a parking lot and an elevator
  • Any special conditions required such as special containers, climate controlled trucks, etc
Bunch of coins stacked
Don’t forget to mention the price of your move

These are just some of the basic factors that can influence the cost of moving. And it doesn’t hurt to know more about them. If you find some moving company that has a significantly lower price, know that something shady is going on. There will be some hidden costs. And you can easily check out the legality of such moving company on the FMCSA government website. Just enter their USDOT numbers and see everything you need to know!

Write about their mover’s experience

One of the biggest traits of the professional moving company is their workers. Professional workers will always do the best job you will need. Starting with the packing of the items, to the loading, and in the end, unloading. Their experience will show off the moment they arrive. From the simplest greetings to the point of handling your items. Know that if the movers are experienced, then your items are in the safest hands possible. So when you want to evaluate a moving company, write more about the first-hand experience on a moving day. Having a good moving crew is just one of the traits of a professional relocation company!

Write a few words about the experience of the mover’s crew

The trucks and equipment

One of the final things you need to talk about when writing a review is their equipment. They can’t handle your items on simple ropes and hands! They need to have the proper tech for handling items with special care! Especially when it comes to moving valuable, heavy and big items. One of those examples is moving a piano! A moving company must have proper piano moving equipment so they can transport it safely and without injuries. Also, you will see what condition their trucks are. If they are almost brand new or well preserved, then you know you are dealing with a professional moving company. And you should tell that in the review

If the moving crew uses the latest equipment, don’t forget to mention it

Overall experience

In conclusion, you should write your overall experience with the moving company. Summarize the all of the above and say it how it is. If you are happy with their services then give them a good review and 5 stars. When you want to evaluate a moving company you are not only helping the potential customers but the company as well. Based on their reviews they can further improve their moving services. Meaning they can become even better movers. This is why it is important to write down a moving review!

Evaluate a moving company the best way you can! Writing a step by step review of their services. Always start with their customer’s service, followed by prices, workers experience and tech they use. Reviews are very important because they can improve the services of moving companies. If you think we missed something in our guide feel free to add up! You can do it by leaving a comment in the comment section down below!


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