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How to coordinate your employees during the office move

Market demands change over time. Maybe you are planning to expand your business to a market that is much less worn out. If you have decided to make that kind of move, you must be prepared to coordinate your employees during the office move. And you are a step closer to relocate your office! Here is how you can do it most efficiently…

Guide to help you coordinate your employees during the office move

There are 4 easy step to do this. Think, plan, coordinate, do! Let’s start.

Think about the office move

The first thing you should be dealing with is to take some time and think about your office move. Not just think, but think through every step of the way. We can give you advise for taking a good look at your ‘ex to be’ office. Start with concentrating on the working space. If you were frustrated whit the existing working space, bad position of offices, lack of windows even doors, now is the time to think about the change. For example, you didn’t have an extra room for the daily rest area. Talk to your staff and let them give you ideas for the new location of the office, quantity, and position of the desks, chairs, equipment, etc.  Give your employees motivation.

The opinion of every employee counts.

Then you can expect that it is going to be much easier to coordinate your employees during the office move. They will be exited and more efficient in their work if they become aware that you value their opinion. You are going to have questions about moving, but we hold the answers!

Plan with your employees

You have examined every corner of your offices. It is time to make a concept for your huge ‘plan of the office move’. First, determine ‘key employee’, who will be the team leader for this plan. Depending on the complicity of your move, you can determine three or even four persons who will be ‘key employees’. This is why you will name every one of them and hold them responsible for different sections of the moving process. They are the ones who are determined to communicate with you. Also, you will be relaxed, because in this way you will know at every moment to whom to turn to and whom to call.

Set a way of communication with your employees during the office move

Many will agree that communication is important in every sphere of business or simply everyday life. This valuable skill represents the base for a good realization of every idea or plan. Work on the communication and you will coordinate your employees during the office move. Define communication with email, messenger or calls. You can make a group on messenger and name it ‘BIG STAFF MOVE’  where you can exchange thoughts, pictures, or ask for advice or opinion for office location and furniture that you are planning to buy.

Organize and empty every desk!

Make a pyramidal structure of responsibility

The easiest way to coordinate is to delegate responsibility to the ‘key employees’ . Give them inputs on how can they organize every person in their section.

The key things to think about:

  • Define who of  the ‘key employees’ will be in charge of a different section of the move (boxes, confidential data, techniques, etc.)
  • Be clear that every one of the employees needs to take care of their possessions. Taking care of their desk, chair, phone, computer, as well as pencils, notebooks, they are contributing to the successfully realized office move. That will provide you peace.
  • Talk to your employees in front, show them slide pictures of your new office and at that moment, when they are all at the same place, decide whether it is going to be an open space or leaders are going to have their own offices. You are not going to renovate the working space when you move to the new office. That is done before you move to your office.
  • Let them bring out their ideas, suggestions or propositions. Remember, a dispute between employees can happen, but in the end, you will have an agreement. Enable them to participate.
  • Be proactive! Anticipate the problem before it happens. Also, they will be much less stressed about the office move when they see that you are thinking about them. They will be sure that they are in the right hands and that you know how to coordinate your employees during the office move.

Help, coordinate your employees during the office move

Your employees are worthy and hard-working, but can not do all the work for themselves. You need outside help for carrying moving boxes with cases and paper, as well as the existing furniture. Be a good planer and coordinate your employees during the office move. Do the research and get free moving quotes for your move.

Let us imagine that you are planning to move to New Jersey. We will give you free moving quotes Jersey city. Contact us! Fill out a simple form, naming important elements like from what location are you moving, then, where are you moving to, does the building have stores and elevator, insert deadline for your move, etc and submit. We will send you your free quotes and you will know the estimated costs of your move.

A very important thing to have in mind is privacy. You must be careful. Procure confidentiality for your contracts, suppliers’ data, financial reports, etc during the move. Somebody can abuse that moment. That must not happen. Our company is very trustworthy and dependable. Our motto is ‘the pleasure of seeing our satisfied clients go’.

-coordinate your employees during the office move
Privacy is a necessity-be proactive and coordinate your employees during the office move!

Choose a moving company for the office move

If you require advice for office relocation and you are aware that nothing’s like moving your home, be free to contact us. We are offering our services to you. Check out why we are one of the top-ranked commercial movers NJ and book your office mover in time. You can arrange with us to move just a partition of letting the whole moving process be our responsibility. Contact us now!


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