Cost of your relocation from Bloomfield to Jersey City

How to calculate the cost of your relocation from Bloomfield to Jersey City

Even though moving from Bloomfield to Jersey City is considered a short-distance move, it doesn’t make it any less difficult. Packing your entire apartment, house, or even office is no easy thing. It takes a lot of planning and follow-through that can take days even. If you are moving, the first thing on your mind might be – how much will it cost? To help you calculate the cost of your relocation from Bloomfield to Jersey City, we made this article explaining a few budget lines you need to have in mind when moving.

Living in Bloomfield vs. Jersey City

Living in Bloomfield is similar to living in Jersey City. These two Garden State cities are for people who want to be close to the city and enjoy some of that lovely, quiet suburban life. One significant upside of living in Jersey City is living costs. Those living costs are significantly lower not only if you compare them to Bloomfield but also to NYC. Living that close to NYC also provides you with more job opportunities, affecting your earnings.

A couple crossing the street in Jersey City
You should include lower living costs into the cost of your relocation from Bloomfield to Jersey City.

What goes into the cost of your relocation from Bloomfield to Jersey City

Many factors make up the cost of your relocation from Bloomfield to Jersey City. Since it is a short-distance move, you already know one of the factors. The distance makes up a lot of the price, so short-distance moves will cost you less than long-distance ones. When making each moving quote, movers Bloomfield NJ consider many factors. In the next part of this article, we will explain what each of these factors is and how they affect the cost of your relocation to Jersey City.

How many items do you want to move

This is the most obvious factor and the most important one. The bigger the house you want to move to (or the office in case of commercial moves), the more it will cost. Some companies have fixed prices based on the number of bedrooms. The downside of having set prices per bedroom is the hidden fees that are not always included. But pricing the relocation according to bedroom number is a great way to estimate how much your relocation will cost you. However, we always recommend getting accurate moving quotes NJ straight from the companies to get a clear picture.

A couple calculating the cost of relocation from Bloomfield to Jersey City
When calculating the cost of your relocation from Bloomfield to Jersey City, the determining factor will most likely be the number of items you own.

How many hours and people will it take to move

This is another factor that can determine the cost of your move. If your relocation to Jersey City is complicated, or if you have bulky items, it will require more people to carry all that stuff, and it will cost more. Some moving companies also charge by the hour, and their fees are tied to how much time it takes them to move all of your belongings. This is sometimes an excellent way to determine the cost as it can include all of the other factors.

Time of year when you move

Moving has its peak season, and it’s the summer. Many people move during that time, and naturally, that’s when the prices are higher. If you are moving during the summer, then the cost of your relocation from Bloomfield to Jersey City will be higher than if you are moving any other time of the year.

Additional fees

Sometimes, complex moves are called complex not only because of some specialty items or furniture but some other external factors. This is why each relocation can have additional fees such as:

  • Fees for moving specialty items like pianos or other bulky items
  • Staircase fees – if there are many flights of stairs after the first floor, which is usually covered
  • Storage fees – available as an additional service
  • Elevator fees for when an elevator being small causes multiple trips

The price if you want to do it yourself

If you do not want to hire professional movers for your relocation to Jersey City, you can try and DIY it. This can somewhat lower the cost of your relocation from Bloomfield to Jersey City. However, the costs might add up when you consider the stress you will be putting yourself through all the planning, packing, etc. And let’s be honest, accidents happen all the time. Buying the suitable material – packaging, packing paper, bubble, and plastic wrap – it all adds up. If you are moving an apartment, you will need to rent a moving truck.

A table with a tools and a notebook
The most challenging part of a DIY move is disassembling and assembling the furniture without breaking or damaging it.

That can be the relatively inexpensive version of relocation if you don’t want to hire professional movers NJ. In that case, you could still use some extra hands. You can always ask your friends and family to help you pack, move, and unpack your boxes. But your main cost, in this case, would be renting a truck and losing at least a day to carry all your stuff (time is also a resource) and buying all the necessary packaging material.

The hidden cost of your relocation to Jersey City

Once you move into your new place, there will be a lot of stuff you will need to purchase. Some of the most purchased items during the first week of moving are groceries. Replaced items and missing or broken furniture are also among the things you might need to buy once you move in. The hidden costs of relocation also include the days you will need off work to pack and unpack. Getting at least a day off work will be necessary if you are not hiring moving companies Jersey City. Of course, don’t forget the cost of repairs or maintenance you might need or décor for your new place.

All of these little items add up over time. Whether you are thinking of hiring professional movers or not, relocations can get expensive. Hopefully, this article on how to calculate the cost of your relocation from Bloomfield to Jersey City has helped you stay within your set budget.




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