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How Much Does It Cost to Move an Apartment?

Moving is not cheap, so people are always searching for more favorable solutions. For example, when moving locally, you can seek the help of family or friends. However, your apartment could be on a higher floor. Or you have to move heavy and bulky items down or up the stairs. If this is the case, hiring the help of professional movers NJ has can be a much better solution. Professional help will also be required in the case of long-distance moving. In both cases, you will need to know what the cost to move an apartment is. That will help you to be financially ready for the move. So, we will present the factors that affect the prices of moving your apartment locally and long distance.

What Factors Affect the Cost to Move an Apartment?

Several factors will influence your cost to move an apartment. For example, moving locally, your costs will mostly depend on the number of items you are moving. Namely, the more items you move, the more time movers will need. And, at local moving, you are actually paying movers per hour. On the other hand, long-distance moving costs will be calculated based on the number of items and moving distance.

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The cost to move an apartment will depend on several factors.

For example, if you are moving 2-3 bedroom apartment, and the weight of your possessions is approximately 7,500 pounds, your average costs will be:

  • local moving –  $1,250
  • long-distance moving – $4,890

You may also need some additional moving services in NJ. If so, you’ll also have to add the costs of those services to the moving costs.

Average Apartment’s Moving Cost

So let us see a summary of average basic moving costs in NJ.

Local Moving Costs per Apartment Size

Local moving is considered moving from one neighborhood to another. Or if you are relocating to a nearby town. The average basic costs you can expect are:

  • Studio-1 bedroom / $501 – $985
  • 2-3 bedrooms/ $966 – $1,733
  • 4-5 bedrooms / $1,941 – $2,988

Also, you can use moving quotes in NJ to get more precise calculations.

Long-Distance Moving Costs per Apartment Size

In case you are moving to a place further than your present location, you should check the long-distance moving prices. The same prices will be applicable when you are moving to New Jersey from some other place. So, the average costs you can expect will be:

Studio-1 bedroom

  • 250 miles / $1,123 – $2,260
  • 1000+ miles / $1,442 – $3,024
  • 2000+ miles / $1,920 – $4,272

2-3 bedrooms

  • 250 miles / $2,272 – $4,343
  • 1000+ miles / $3,145- $5,958
  • 2000+ miles / $4,236 – $8,546

4-5 bedrooms

  • 250 miles / $4,137 – $5,553
  • 1000+ miles / $6,378 – $10,002
  • 2000+ miles / $9,546 – $14,107
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Remember that the prices you see online are typically only average prices.

Other Factors Influencing Your Apartment’s Moving Cost

There are a number of additional costs that you have to take into consideration. And that will define the final moving costs of your apartment. Those factors are:

  • additional moving services (for example, packing/ unpacking services)
  • moving supplies
  • accessibility (How close the moving truck can approach your old and new apartment building. Can movers use the elevator, or do they have to carry your possessions up/downstairs)
  • moving date (for example, moving out-of-season or during the weekdays is cheaper)
  • tolls and gas costs
  • liability and valuation coverage (moving companies offer multiple levels of protection. So it will be up to you which one you wish to purchase.)

Moving Your Car Long-Distance

If you have a car, you may decide to engage a shipping company to bring it to your new destination. If so, you must pay approximately an additional $1,000 per vehicle. The shipping costs will definitely add up to your cost to move an apartment. Also, if you have a piano, a pool table, or similar items, you will need to add up an additional $400 to $2,000 to the expected moving costs. The bottom line, the more precisely you calculate your moving costs, the better you will be able to prepare financially for the upcoming move.



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