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Hiring reliable movers NJ – Step by step

Packing your bags and moving to another city or country is a huge decision and people tend to get overwhelmed. In order to get trough relocation with your sanity intact, it is advisable to seek professional help. Hiring reliable movers NJ is the first step towards the onset of a new chapter in your life. So how do you know what are the best commercial movers NJ for you? Choosing trustworthy movers can be tricky as it is not something we do every day. Relocation processes are not something we discuss with friends and family making it difficult to obtain relevant information. Luckily for you, we have decided to share some of our knowledge with you. In this article, we will present you some of the proven strategies and tips that will help you chose the right partner and make your relocation stress-free. So take a seat and let’s dive into the matter.

Get as much information as possible

Educating yourself on the matter will help you narrow the choice down. There are several ways to get valuable information. Some of the basic traits you should seek when hiring reliable movers NJ are reasonable prices, flexibility, friendly and professional staff as well as efficiency and security. You have friends that recently relocated and whom you trust? This would be a perfect scenario for you. Their honest and first-hand experience can help you to end your search quickly. You can ask your friend all sorts of specific questions. Even if they had some bad experiences they can still help you by pointing out potential problems. You should also invest some time to read the online reviews and complaints about all NJ movers. If the company is a reputable one, they must have a website or a social network account with a section for user reviews. To get the most objective opinions look for profiles that seem authentic.

Picture of a woman using a laptop
In order to be 100% sure of your decision when hiring reliable movers NJ do your research properly

Look for red flags when hiring reliable movers NJ

There are a few simple methods to help you spot scammers and unreliable movers. You don’t want your valuable items to get broken or damaged in the process. Go through this step wisely and you won’t have to worry later.

  • First of all, you should check if the company has all the necessary licenses and certificates. One of the most important indicators is a USDOT number that every moving company must have. This means that the company is registered by the United States Department of Transportation confirming their legal status.
  • Inability to negotiate the price in advance is another warning sign. This means that hidden additional costs wait around the corner and that you will spend more than you have originally planned. You should watch out for companies that ask for large deposits.
  • Shortage of equipment is another warning sign. If your movers arrive in a truck that is in bad condition you should revise your decision. Lack of tools, company markings, and non-uniformed personnel are also signs that you are probably dealing with amateurs.
  • The company is not providing any insurance for your belongings. Every moving company must provide you with several basic insurance options. You can then choose whether to use mover’s insurance or to get third party insurance.

    When hiring reliable movers NJ look for warning signs typical for scamming companies
    To protect yourself against scammers look for several red flags characteristic for moving companies

Compare the moving companies that have passed the initial selection

Now when you have several potential options it is the time to choose the best moving company. While the general idea is to get the most affordable option, don’t fall for the final price. You must check what that price includes. Maybe it does not include the packing process or materials used. They can also charge you additionally for breaking apart and packing large pieces of furniture like pools tables and home appliances. These costs can add up quite quickly, so you should read carefully. You can certainly avoid these costs if you pack on your own. It might look like a tedious activity, but you can call your friends to help you out. Order some pizza and beers and make a day of it.

The best strategy is to call several companies for an in-home estimate. This way you will have some data for comparison and it will give you the basic insight. You will also have a written estimate if the final price rises by a considerable amount. The estimation itself is based on the weight of your belongings and the length of the move. You can also choose the option of the binding estimate which guarantees you that you won’t be charged over the previously determined price.

Some additional tips for Hiring reliable movers NJ

Consider hiring your local movers over the ones you find online. This way you will minimize the chances of getting scammed and you will be able to drop by their headquarters to see if they actually exist. You can also investigate the quality of their equipment while you are there. Make sure you understand all the clauses in your insurance policy. Get your belongings insured and relocate with your mind at peace, but don’t overpay for something you don’t really need. Choose the right movers for you so you can focus on some other important aspects of the relocation process. Spend some time discovering what neighborhood would best match your lifestyle and habits. When you relocate you should leave feedback about the moving company to help others with their choices. Such actions will be also greatly appreciated by your moving partners.

Picture of a modern moving truck
The state of moving company’s vehicles is a good indicator of their capabilities and professionalism

Hiring reliable movers NJ is a top priority for a worry-free relocation and now you know the strategies to perform that task step by step. We hope that this article will help you make the best possible decision for you and your family. We wish you a safe relocation and to enjoy your new home.


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