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Hackensack or Newark

which is better for your aging parents?

When growing old, many people may feel the need of changing their lifestyle. Some of them prefer to move to a quieter place. Some like busy spots with many activities. For example, Hackensack or Newark? Whichever you choose, you will need some help from NJ movers and packers to get your parents there. Both places have their pros and cons. So in this article, let’s learn which is better for your aging parents.

Welcome to the city of Hackensack

This Renaissance city is one of the best for living in Bergen County in New Jersey. This is a very diverse and peaceful area. People recommend this place either for families with small children or people going into retirement. If you decide to hire movers Hackensack to get your elderly parents here, inform them that costs of living are higher for 8,5% than those in Newark, NJ.

people walking on the street thinking should they move to Hackensack or Newark
Hackensack is a very safe area

Newark, New Jersey

This is the most populous city in the state of New Jersey. If you compare it to Hackensack, this city is much more crowded.

Also, the costs of living are significantly lower than in Hackensack. But the crime rate is higher. And this is not one of the safest cities in the USA. Bear that in mind when asking some moving companies in Newark NJ to transport your parents’ goods to this city.

Hackensack or Newark in terms of renting a home

One of the reasons to move your parents to Hackensack is affordability. As the place is in the inner suburb of New York, the prices for renting a home in Hackensack are reasonable. After paying for the rent, you will still have enough money to spend on your daily activities. Statistics show that it is much cheaper to rent than to buy a house in Newark.

Which city is more fun Hackensack or Newark?

If your parents are nature lovers then Hackensack is the place for them. There are many parks around and people invest in greenery. Also, it has many fun activities. Arts, shopping, restaurants, and diversity of all kinds could be found here. Newark on the other hand has a great population of students. For this reason, you can find many cheap and popular places to dine. In addition, there are many popular free events and outdoor activities that your parents can attend.

The buildings by the water
It is not easy to choose between Hackensack or Newark

Other important facts for seniors when choosing a new home

For elderly people, it can be very important to inform themselves about home care services. For example, there are 60 Home Care Services for Seniors in Hackensack. While in Newark, NJ there are 39. Statistics show that those in Newark are more affordable. You also need to explore more on the prices and services of these home cares, as well as compare the prices of living in both cities.

When thinking about moving your senior parents it is not easy whether to choose Hackensack or Newark for their new home. Compare costs of living, the quality of life, and fun activities from our guidelines before making a final decision.


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