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Guide to senior living in Guttenberg NJ 

The duty of every civilized society is to provide its senior citizens with a decent life. Depending from who case to case some seniors are able to stay in their homes that they have spent their entire lives in, some move several blocks away to a home for senior citizens, and others move away to another city, town or even state in pursuit of a perfect place to live out their retirement. When it comes to the quality of senior living in Guttenberg NJ, there are several things you should know before you decide on moving to Guttenberg or moving to New Jersey. Moving is overall a really big deal, no matter the stage of life you are in. There is no need to rush these things and doing your research beforehand is more than necessary.

Planning a move requires a lot of thought such as hiring a moving company such as movers Guttenberg NJ offers, or choosing a good moving date. Depending on whether you are moving on your own or you are moving someone else, making schedules work is not always a really easy thing to do. So, what you want to avoid is moving your or life of the person you are caring for to another city only to realize that you are not really satisfied with what that place has to offer in terms of quality of services for senior living. This is why we have prepared a list of several key things that you should know before you begin the whole process of relocation. Without further ado, let us dive in.

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Finding the best home for seniors takes time.

What are some basic characteristics of senior living in Guttenberg NJ?

It is estimated that there are a bit more than 11,000 people living in Guttenberg. Around 11% of Guttenberg’s populations are senior citizens. So, somewhere above 1,000 people are older than 65 years of age. Guttenberg is thus not an “old” town with the majority of its citizens being well under 65. However, despite not being too crowded with senior citizens, Guttenberg is quite a nice place for living a peaceful life (which is something people of that age generally lean towards). Since it is located in New Jersey’s Hudson County, overall the life standard ranks as 12th according to data from the World Population Review website. While economically New Jersey ranks as the 31st state economically, the level of health care is actually really high up on spot number 6.

Senior living in Guttenberg NJ can be quite comfortable
Different homes and communities offer different things

So, what are the options seniors here have?

Guttenberg is overall a really nice place for singles, couples, or families of any age that are looking for a more relaxing tempo of life. This means that no matter the age, any person of a more calm disposition will fit in just nicely on their own. However, some seniors as the time passes by are more prone to looking for some more direct options that involve different levels of assistance with everyday life. We are, of course, talking about retirement homes. Choosing a good retirement home is really important, so in order to complete our guide on senior living in Guttenberg NJ, here are a couple of top picks of our choosing.

Island Shores Senior Residence

Island Shores Senior Residence is located just 1 mile away from Guttenberg in the Columbus Circle neighborhood. It is a perfect place for those looking for a bit more active lifestyle type of a retirement home. After all, being so close to New York is always something that provides you with options. There is a whole host of amenities all around Island Shore Senior Residence. St Clare’s Hospital & Health Center is located nearby as well as several drugstores and churches.

Carnegie East House

You can find this senior housing facility a bit further away than Island Shores in the Carnegie Hill neighborhood that is 3 miles away from Guttenberg. The Carnegie Hill neighborhood s quite a densely populated area. There are numerous establishments that may be of interest such as churches, retail stores, and, of course, healthcare institutions. The closest one, Metropolitan Hospital Center is just a couple of hundred yards away. There are several churches in just 4 miles around the Carnegie East House as well as a lot of drugstores.

Fritz Reuter Lifecare Retirement Community

This senior housing community is located just 2 miles from Guttenberg. Fritz Reuter Lifecare Retirement Community is a neighborhood full of convenient stores of all types. Palisades Medical Center is located nearby. Furthermore, as is the case with the previous two suggestions, the staff is of the highest quality. It is an experienced establishment and one that has been there for quite a while and has thus built up quite a reputation, and for a good reason.

How to prepare seniors for a move?

Now, that we have covered the basic things about senior living in Guttenberg NJ, it is time to discuss how to prepare your loved ones for moving to Guttenberg or one of these retirement homes near it. There are several key things that you need to take into consideration. Depending on their health, seniors may require different things. While all retirement homes are meant for people of a certain age, not all of them offer identical services. In order to be sure that you will make a good choice, before contacting movers and scheduling the move, you need to first research what exactly does each home or retirement community offer.

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Make sure that you give your seniors enough time to prepare for changing their daily routine with a move

Once you know that, it is time to discuss the options with the person that is going to be moving. Moving your parents across the country will surely be more challenging for them than for you. That is why you will need to work with them on planning the move. You must be patient. In some cases, they may need more time to understand everything that is happening depending on age and health. Of course, a lot of seniors are more than capable of sharing the load of the move with you. The best thing for everyone involved would be to allow them to participate as much as they objectively can.

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