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Fun Things to do in Hackensack

Hackensack is the seat of Bergen County in New Jersey. It’s a relatively quiet town, conveniently located 11 miles from NYC. It gives you the advantage to enjoy the best of two worlds – suburban peace and calm, and vibrant big city life. It’s a diverse area, with plenty of good restaurants, shopping malls, and green areas along the Hackensack River. It has many good schools, and one of the best hospitals nationwide is located here. It’s a safe, community oriented area, and arguably, one of the best places to live in New Jersey. So far, did we convinced you to move here if you haven’t decided yet? Anyway, your local movers Hackensack have some great tips for you, on fun things to do in Hackensack. Whether you’re moving here, or perhaps planning a weekend trip, you’ll find some great inspiration in the text below.

A Couple of Fun Facts and Lots of Fun Things to do in Hackensack

Hackensack has several references in popular culture. If you happen to be a jazz aficionado, you surely know it as the original hometown of the famous Van Gelder recording studio. Also, it’s the hometown of astronaut Wally Schirra, who is the 5th American and 9th human to have traveled to space. But, isn’t all this impressive for a small place of 46 thousand inhabitants? And these aren’t just random trivia facts. It goes to illustrate that you can look forward to many fun things to do in Hackensack. And who can give you better tips than your expert movers NJ who know the region as they do the palm of their hand?

A girl with food
Hackensack’s food scene is diverse and exploring it is one of the many fun things to do in this inner NYC suburb

Here is our pick of amusing things to do in Hackensack, divided into a few categories:

  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Nature
  • Art
  • A mixed bag of fun activities in Hackensack

Explore the Blooming Food Scene of Hackensack

According to some sources, Hackensack is rated as the 5th best place in NJ for business. If you plan a commercial move, good on you. This place with its proximity to NYC and NJ has so many benefits to offer. And its diverse food scene is just one part of the fun things to do in Hackensack, during a busy workday. You can meet your clients in some of the fantastic restaurants, or embark on an adventurous exploration of this little gastronomic heaven. The venues reflect the diversity of Hackensack’s inhabitants and offer you memorable dining experiences that blend culinary innovations and traditions. From elegant settings for cocktails to small-scale breweries offering you a craft beer tasting, fun things to do in Hackensack are many, for those in search of fresh gastronomic experiences.

Enjoy a World-Class Shopping Experience in Hackensack

On our list of fun things to do in Hackensack, we simply can’t skip mentioning The Shops at Riverside. Among the tenants of this mall are many high-end brands, as well as a luxurious day spa, offering you a full-service, pampering experience. In addition to exploring trends in fashion and food, there are various guest amenities and services available, that you can enjoy with friends or family. The mall’s theaters, restaurants, spa, and Barnes & Noble are open on Sundays, which is ideal for a short weekend trip. If you love shopping and you’re moving to Hackensack, you’ll find our packing services very helpful. The Shops at Riverside are located only a few minutes from Manhattan, so if you’re looking for fun things to do in Hackensack, this is well worth your regards.

A girl strolling in a shopping passage
A few minutes from Manhattan, indulge in a first class shopping experience, and at the same time learn about current culinary trends

Fun Activities in Hackensack for Nature Lovers

Besides sophisticated shopping and a delectable food scene, Hackensack offers you some great activities in nature too. With its’ location on the Hackensack River, there are a few fun things to do in Hackensack if you enjoy outdoor activities. Borg’s Woods is a 14-acre woodland and wetland nature preserve, and it’s a lovely area for relaxing walks. The Hackensack Riverkeeper is an organization actively upholding the environmental protection of the river and wildlife. Additionally, it offers you many fun things to do in Hackensack. These include kayaking, nature walks, fishing, birding, as well as some exciting eco-cruises. 

A man kayaking - fun things to do in Hackensack
There are many pleasant outdoor pastimes in the Hackensack area, like kayaking or fishing

Fun Things to do in Hackensack for Art Enthusiasts

So far, you can tell that Hackensack has a diverse selection of activities. Indeed, it has something to appeal to anyone’s taste. However, our list of fun things to do in Hackensack won’t be complete, unless we cover the interests of art fans. If you’re in the mood to admire some great exhibitions, check out the schedules of Edward Williams or the Riverside Galleries. The new Hackensack Cultural Arts Center brings top quality entertainment from all disciplines of art. And if you want to paint the night away, take a note of this one. The Artistic Giraffe Art Studio Gallery is an awesome, artistic way to spend a night out, alone or with friends. Here you’ll be provided with the creative atmosphere, professional artist’s guidance, and all necessary tools for painting. This should be a ‘must try’ on your fun things to do in Hackensack, if you admire creativity.

A painting and painting materials
Scout the Hackensack’s Art arena, or better yet, showcase your talent on a fun night out

A Few More Fun Things to do in Hackensack Worth the Mention

Finally, there are a few more fun activities in Hackensack, and nearby, that will surely appeal to you. It’s best if we list them separately, with a handy hint on each, so let’s get to it:

  • Stark Archery – enjoy some social archery or take affordable lessons indoors. One of the most interesting things to do in Hackensack, to enhance your experiences, and one that your entire family will love.
  • VR Arcade NJ – the first and only Wireless Virtual Reality Escape Room in the tristate. The fun here is guaranteed, as you turn your dreams into a literal reality. There are themes suitable for kids and adults, and for everyone’s taste.
  • Saddle River County Park -this is one of NJ’s most popular recreation areas, consisting of 5 parts. In brief, enjoy many outdoor activities here, as well as a nice, relaxing picnic with the family, in this beautiful verdant setting.

To sum up, we hope you find our list of fun things to do in Hackensack useful. Enjoy your visit or your new home. Anyhow, we’re sure you’ll love it if you take note of our tips!


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