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Finding good movers in Hudson NJ

While there are many important things that you have to take care of when planning a move, some are more important than others. You have to choose a good moving date that will be the perfect middle ground between your new job and your old job, your family members’ jobs and education, and other important factors. One of the most important elements of any successful move is hiring a good moving company. Once you have at least a vaguely specific idea of when you can move, it is time to find movers Hudson County NJ offers. However, that is not something that you want to rush. You have to be patient if you want to find quality movers in Hudson NJ. Since this is very important, we have decided to create this short guide to help you do this efficiently.

First, let us talk about Hudson County a bit

Before we start talking about finding a good moving company in Hudson County, we should first talk a little about the county itself. Hudson County got its name by the Hudson River as it lies to the west of the lower part of the river. Jersey City is the largest city of the county and it is the county seat. As a part of New Jersey’s Gateway Region and a part of NY’s metropolitan area, it plays a major role. It is the core of any activity in the county that is the fastest-growing county in New Jersey. While it is the smallest county in the state, it is, in fact, the most densely populated one. People have been moving to New Jersey, in general, more and more for years now. 

brown sailship on body of water during daytime
Hudson County is very beautiful

When it comes to the educational system, several institutions deserve specific mentions. Hudson County Community College, Saint Peter’s University, and the New Jersey City University are the colleges and universities are in Jersey City. In Hoboken, there is the Stevens Institute of Technology. Overall, there is a public school district in every municipality of the county. You can also find private and parochial schools across the county. The county is well connected which enables students to commute effectively to the respective schools and colleges. Hudson County is one of the busiest epicenters of the Northeast. This is due to the fact that countless roads and railways meet in this county, Northeast Corridor among the others.

When to look for movers in Hudson NJ?

There are several things that you should take into consideration when looking for a good moving company. First of all, before you actually start looking for a good moving company, you must establish certain things. One of the key ones that we have mentioned is the moving date i.e. when can you move. This is more important than it may perhaps seem. Why? Well, depending on the season of the year, movers will have more or less work to do. If you plan on moving during the summer, then you must reserve your date well in advance. That is also when movers will charge their rates more. On the other hand, moving from September onwards, they will be more flexible, and their rates will be lower.

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Figure out your schedule first before you start looking for movers in Hudson NJ

However, you also have to consider how your children’s school schedule works. Generally, the best time to move regarding school schedules is during the summer. Then again, you also have to make out the best solution regarding your old job and your new job. So, before you start thinking about finding movers in Hudson NJ, you must deal with all this first. Once you have a firm grasp on when you can move, then you can start looking for movers. In order for the movers to be able to give you the best date options, you should at least narrow down your choice to a couple of weeks.

Reputation is crucial when looking for reliable movers

Throughout the history of our society, as the world developed and grown more and more complex, so did all the options we have in every single aspect of our life. When you decide you need one type of service, you go and find people who can do that for you. Once they provide you with their service, you pay for it and that is it. Depending on the type of services, sometimes the quality is not that important. However, in a lot of situations, you really need things do be done properly. Moving to a new home is definitely something you want to hire real professionals for. So, in order to make sure that you have hired professionals you need to research who the movers are. The most efficient way to do that is to first look them up on the Internet.

Reputation is really important for any respectable movers in Hudson NJ
Today it is easy to do a background check on potential movers

There, if they are at least a moderately reliable company, you will be able to find them. Check out the comments of the customers and their ratings. Also, there is one “problem” here that people sometimes forget about. The average mark may not show the real situation. Their total rating is the average of all the ratings they ever got. However, you should check the last 10, 20, or even more of their most recent reviews. Maybe six years ago, the quality of their service was not on a high level. But maybe in the last three or four years, they really upped their game. That means that five years ago they may have got 2s and 3s, but in the last two years, they have been getting 4s and 5s.

Get an official confirmation

Customer reviews are a really reliable way to estimate how reliable a moving company is before you contact them. However, getting official confirmation is also something to look for. There are two really clear ways to see whether your chosen movers in Hudson NJ are actually good and official companies.

Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Safety Administration

Better Business Bureau is basically a database with all of the registered moving companies in the country. So, before finally deciding to contact your movers, check the BBB database. You can access it over the Internet and if your movers are accredited here, then they are a good option. By also checking with FMCSA, you can rest completely assured that the movers you have chosen are quality movers.


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