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Finding cheap studio apartments in NJ – tips and tricks

Finding cheap studio apartments in NJ is not easy. However, if you define the needs you have for your living arrangements, you can easily find what you need. Do not be afraid of finding something that has the word “cheap” in the title. Cheap does not always mean bad. Financial experts claim that you should find a place that will not take more than 30% of your monthly income for rent. The only thing you should do in this case is to find something that fulfills your expectations for less money. It is the rule when looking for moving companies NJ, too. There are a few important things that you should pay attention to when finding a cheap studio apartment in NJ.

  • First, you will need to find a place that offers acceptable electric devices – like a stove, Wi-Fi or washing machine;
  • Do not forget about the location, which could be vital if you are moving to New Jersey for the first time;
  • You should know the neighbor or possible troubles with people who live there or
  • Prepare yourself for a very small place for living, meaning literally a place that you can cross in four steps;
  • Finding cheap studio apartments in NJ also presumes that you should prepare yourself for a roommate, or shared bathroom.

Now, when you know everything you need, you should start searching. We do not want you to lose courage or hope, but you should know that it could take longer than you may think. Especially if you are new in New Jersey. So, use our advice and leave an open door for changes even when you finally find a place that is acceptable for you. Also, be very flexible when finding a cheap studio apartment in NJ.

A buildinig with lot of studios that makes finding a cheap studio apartment in NJ much harder
It is not easy to find cheap studio apartments in NJ

Defining of the cheap studio apartment in NJ that you need

Firstly you need to determine what you are actually looking for. For somebody, it is only a small place and nothing more. For somebody else, it is a quiet place where they can sleep peacefully. Finding cheap studio apartments in NJ presumes less money for monthly rent, but what is about the conditions? It is not bad if you have a wishlist when looking for an apartment. However, you should make a list of things that you will accept even though you did not want them in the first place.

Make a list of the things that you accept and not accept in any circumstances

Before you start to search, make a list of things that you need or not need. It will make the whole process much easier. You should make a list of things that you can accept if it is required. That list could include things like shared bathroom, basement, or without the stove.

Electric suppliance

Every place has electric suppliances like stove, oven, Wi-Fi. However, small studios and apartments could be without one of them. Make sure that you have defined what you can live without before start with searching.

Explore new areas

Even though you came to one area in New Jersey with long distance movers NJ you can inform yourself about the some other place where you may live. Maybe you can find a better location, or ask for the cheaper one instead. Sometimes a more affordable place could be just around the corner.

Searching for cheap studio apartments in NJ

Now you can start searching. Finding a cheap studio apartment in NJ presumes long walking and looking for the best combination. Prepare yourself for long days without results. It is best if you can take free days from work for this. If not, you should have a friend or somebody to help you in important situations. Sometimes you will need somebody to answer on the phone or take advance payment instead of you.

You do not need to hire a real estate agent

You may think that if you already hired interstate movers NJ to come to this city, why not use a real estate agent to find an apartment? Luckily, in the digital age, you do not need to have a real estate agent if you cannot afford one. There are online applications that offer a similar service. Make sure that you have not relied too much on one of them, though.

What do you think about the roommate?

Believe you or not, even the smallest places in NJ could have two renters. The question is if you can accept it. Sharing of the studio could also presume a shared bathroom or kitchen, which is not that bad. You will have your bedroom, but a person that will live in another bedroom, too. That will halve the rent at the end.

A flat with stairs
You may be forced to share the larger place or bathroom in NJ

Think twice about your decision

You may think that you finally found the place that is perfect for you, but something does not allow you to be happy. It is not bad if you have second thoughts. Especially if you are listening to your instinct. It is much better if you can research New Jersey and ask for advice on the social network.

Savings when finding cheap studio apartments in NJ

Although you surely are looking for savings in the long term, you can make small savings by merely finding a good place for living. Do not forget that you can save money if you are looking for a flat without agents. You can also use the social network for best place or friend’s recommendations. It would be best if you can go to your new place with as much saved money as you can.

Location is not everything

Firstly, define which location is right for you when finding a cheap studio apartment in NJ. Sometimes you can find a place that is nearby your job. It could be less expensive if it is not in the center, but perfect for you. Start looking for homes that are near a subway or bus stations instead. Ask people how long they travel to work and orientate according to that.

A bedroom
A cheap studio isn’t necessarily bad

Use social network and Internet for your search

You do not need to use a real estate agent to find a cheap studio apartment. You can ask on social network, or just browse the Internet. The large community there will direct you to the right place. The good side of this method is that you can ask for an advice on whatever you need to know. Good luck in your search!


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