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Essential box preparation tips

The essential box is probably the most important box you are going to pack for your move. This can make or break your first few hours or days at your home. Will it be so frustrating because you didn’t make the essential box preparation? Or you did, so you can chill a bit before you get to the unpacking part. It depends all on you. So, take some time to prepare the emergency box and spare yourself some trouble.

The essential box is the holy grail of packing

If you didn’t move around enough like the rest of us or are just unfamiliar with the concept, let us explain. The emergency or the essential box is the most important moving box you can pack. It holds your most used items and that what is necessary for you and your family. It can be hella big or something small. Essential box preparation time can vary from minutes to hours So figure out how much time you will need to pack it before movers NJ arrive. That depends on the size and what do you comprehend when we say necessities.

a case showing how Essential box preparation can look like
Essential box preparation can be quite easy

Just because it is called a box, doesn’t mean it has to be one box. It can be a doyen for all we care about if those are your essentials. Or a suitcase, hiking backpack or similar. Keep in mind it has to hold a few days worth of stuff you need to function. You have just packed and moved your entire house. And you feel probably crushed and very tired. That is where the box comes to the rescue. You can fully function a couple of days without opening another box. Or just unpacking at a slow pace without the rush. It is the magic of the box, it just takes a ton off of your chest. Every family member can have one for themselves, or just pack one for the whole family.

What to take from your bathroom for your essential box preparation?

Take some essentials from every part of the house used on a daily basis. Definitely not from the cellar or attic though. From your bathroom, you are going to need your everyday hygiene equipment. Some toilet paper a roll or two, towels, meds,  shower gels, shampoo, etc. Moving company Kearny NJ can take care of everything else for you. Every family member should pack their day and nighttime routine essentials too. Do not miss out on your SPF and moisturizer just because you moved! Some wet wipes are also a must and a hand sanitizer. Especially if the move is long distance, you will need it for the trip, not just for your first night.


tooth brush and tooth paste
Toiletries are a top priority

Food is essential of course

If you thought this essential box preparation will be without food you are wrong. Imagine moving long distance and you arrive late and hungry. You have no idea where to order food from and what’s good. So, to avoid food poisoning or starving on your first night in, pack your food as well. Essential box preparation in the kitchen means the following:

  1. Better to use paper plates and plastic utensils.
  2. Pack non-perishable food and snacks
  3. Do not forget to pack water, tea, and most important-coffee
  4. Paper towels and soap are also a must.
plastic forks
Pack plastic utensils as a first aid

These are just some basics for the first night. And do not forget to pack and prepare your furry friend for moving too. If you are preparing an emergency box for more than one or two nights, make sure you have something more to eat than canned food and coffee. For a night or two, it is just fine.


Important documents are also coming with you

Your driver’s license, id, and everything you need to move into your new house need a place in the box. Important documents must be easy to reach on the road and fr when you get there. Do not make it harder on yourself or the relationship by going thru tons of clothes to find something you should’ve had at hand.

man signing paper
Keep important documents near

Medical records for you and your pets should be at hand as well. Go around the block as soon as you can and find a suitable doctor’s office and a veterinarian for your pet. Do not wait much to do this. Even if you are moving on a tight schedule, find some spare time for settling documentation. Some cash will come in handy in your emergency box as well. Not a ton of cash just something in case of anything unplanned happens. Chargers and spare batteries are a must in these times. Running low on battery while you are looking at a map or talking to someone from your moving company is not a good sign.

Clothes and bedrooms packing

The first thing to pack is your pajamas! Sleep is much needed after a long hard move. and this is the most important part of essential box preparation in the bedroom area. Along with pajamas and some clothes, bed linens are necessary.

a person sleeping
Have easy access to some pajamas

If you have toddlers it would be a smart idea to pack their favorite blankets and toys. Moving with children is stressful not just for you, but for them even more. Imagine not being able to comprehend anything going on and your favorite stuffed giraffe is also missing. A catastrophe for a four-year-old indeed.

Cleaning supplies

As we mentioned, an essential box can be for a night or a few days. Before you unpack you may want to scrub the house from top to bottom. So if that’s the case, essential box preparation gained some more items on the list. Mops, bins, microfiber rags, and cleaning liquids are all a must.

cleaning supplies
Use cleaning supplies to clean your new home before moving in

The belongings you packed are probably well protected and seal and that means they’re still clean. Do not make this even harder for yourself. Clean first then unpack and wash bit by bit if necessary.

An essential box is everything you and your family will need. Prepare a suitcase, box or a bag and get going. Take your time and do not pack anything that isn’t necessary. Essentials box preparation is all about planning your first few nights in and your activities. Have fun!


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