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Easy packing tips for moving a family to NJ

New Jersey is a great place for living and moving here is a great choice. It doesn’t matter what the reason for moving is, you will have a great time. Schools are great and there is something for everyone. That is just why moving here might be a new start that you will love. Once you decided to move, you will probably hire a moving company and that might be the best choice. Parking will be a piece of cake once you decide that you are moving a family to NJ. Make sure you do the packing part properly so your unpacking time is not too existing.

 Packing supplies that you need to get for moving a family to NJ

When it comes to packing, it is easier said than done but there are some rules that can make it easier. First of all, you will need packing supplies. Take a good look at your apartment and try to figure out how many packing supplies do you need for packing and moving a family to NJ.

move a family to NJ- moving boxes
Get the new moving boxes so you don’t have to worry about your belongings

You will need:

  • Moving boxes, and new ones if possible, so you can be sure your belongings are well protected
  • Markers so you can label the boxes, it will make packing and moving a family to NJ much easier
  • Packing peanuts, papers and other equipment
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors

Hopefully, you saved the original boxes for your mirrors, tech, and breakables. If not, you can get smaller and larger moving boxes. Most moving companies sell packing supplies, so ask the moving companies in North Bergen NJ if they do.


NJ is hot, but not all the time. When you start packing clothes, keep in mind that the winters in New Jersey are not really warm so you will need clothes for cold weather. Make sure you get the vacuum bags and use them for clothes packing since it will make the clothes take up the least possible space.


Toys are another thing that won’t break if they are plush. You can stuff them in garbage bags so they take up less space. Breakable toys should be packed in moving boxes, lined up with packing paper and packing peanuts and taped shut. Make sure you label them.

Delicate items

Items like plates, glasses, mirrors, tech, and other, should be packed in the original boxes, and if you don’t have them, get similar ones. Line them up with packing paper and packing peanuts, and pack each item individually. Make sure nothing moves around in the box once it is shut. Plates and similar items can be packed all together but make sure there is enough packing paper in between each. Tell the movers that these are the boxes that contain breakables. You can get the best moving boxes Jersey City can offer if you need them. That will make your delicates much safer.

moving a family to NJ- plates
Your plates and other delicates will be fine if you packed them properly


Make sure you label every box and write down the room they belong to. This will make moving a family to NJ much easier, especially the unpacking part.

Moving can be rough but if you pack carefully and make sure you know exactly where everything is, moving a family to NJ will be much easier. Get some help and hire a good moving company, so you are done in no time.


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