Downsizing in NYC vs leaving NYC for more affordable home in NJ

Downsizing in NYC vs leaving NYC for a more affordable home in NJ

Before you relocate, you have to spend a certain amount of time thinking about what the best solution is. Sometimes, relocating your entire household to a new city or state might not be the best choice you can make. In specific situations, especially if living in clutter, you can opt to simply downsize your home instead of moving it. Well, today we help you learn whether leaving NYC for a more affordable home in NJ is something you should do. Furthermore, we discuss the opposite solution to that, which is downsizing your NYC apartment. If, at the end of this article, you decide to move your household, consider hiring movers NYC to NJ to help you. With the help of a professional moving company, your relocation process will go smoothly and without major issues.

Leaving NYC for a more affordable home in NJ – is it worth it?

To bring the topic closer to you, we will try to talk about the pros and cons of both decisions. Hopefully, at the end of this article, we will be able to help you draw a conclusion on what the best choice is. Furthermore, knowing the ins and outs of both situations is very important. Weighing in the options will help you determine what the best solution is and how to make it work. Basing your decisions on nothing but positives can make you choose the wrong choice.

an aerial view of a coastal road with cars in NYC representing leaving NYC for a more affordable home in NJ
NYC has a lot of attractions and positive things, but it also has a lot of flaws

Therefore, as you understand the negatives and positives, you will be able to have a clearer understanding of the issues. After you reach the conclusion, you can hire packing services NJ to help you either move properly or store your items away. Let us dive into the pros and cons of leaving NYC.

The pros of leaving NYC for New Jersey

New Jersey is a state in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region in the United States. The state borders three states, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York. The state, in general, has a little below 9.300.000 residents. Furthermore, the state of New Jersey has the biggest percentage of millionaires per capita. The median household income is around $82.600, while the national average is $63.000. Some of the biggest advantages of living in NJ are:

  • Cheaper housing options – New Jersey can provide you with a range of housing options and the average house value is around $400.000.
  • Lower taxes – Unlike NYC, New Jersey does not apply city taxes which lets residents save more money than in NYC.

The cons of leaving NYC for New Jersey

New York City is the city that never sleeps. People living inside it are constantly on the hunt for a career, education, or personal passion and they will most likely not pay attention to you. Although this might seem harsh, these things are what makes New York so special. It allows everyone who lives in it to experience their own life calling and creates opportunities for the people. Before you contact movers for your NJ relocation estimates as you are leaving NYC for a more affordable home in NJ, consider these cons:

  • The job market – Although it is not non-existent, NYC provides a much wider range of career options than NJ
  • Not being in the center of activities – Another con is that NYC is the hub for many events and opportunities and leaving for NJ might jeopardize that

Is downsizing in NYC better than leaving NYC for a more affordable home in NJ?

Moving is much simpler than downsizing your current home. Firstly, you can acquire a much bigger or affordable space for your belongings. Secondly, moving means starting fresh. However, downsizing and reorganizing your home can also mean a fresh start. Although you might have the space you would like to have, downsizing is a pretty reasonable solution to many of our issues.

a woman taking a break from decluttering her home
Downsizing, in general, can help you achieve financial stability and increase the space you have in your home

Namely, everyone struggles with clutter at some point in their lives. We all have those items that just stand around our house and collect dust. Yet, we are hesitant of throwing them away. Because of that, we will discuss why downsizing might help you reconsider your options.

Downsizing as the beginning of a minimalistic lifestyle

Minimalism is something that is slowly becoming a very frequent lifestyle, especially with millennials and Gen Z’s. Basically, minimalism allows you to engage in a lifestyle of possessing only the necessary items in your household. This roughly translates to living in a home that is clutter-free. Furthermore, minimalism helps people control their expenses and limit them. If you are living in New York City, you would know that cutting expenses is very important. NYC is a pretty expensive city to live in. Furthermore, this means that every dollar you can save will mean a lot. By downsizing, you can achieve financial stability.

Downsizing in a proper manner

When it comes to downsizing, you should consider three main options:

  • Donation
  • Selling
  • Throwing away

These options can help you get rid of items you do not need in your household. Moreover, depending on the state of the items you do not need, you should choose the method. For instance, items that are working and in good shape can easily be sold for an extra dollar or two. Donate items like clothes to charity organizations as they are always welcome there. Thirdly, if you plan on throwing away items, make sure you do it in a proper manner so you protect the environment.

Is leaving NYC for a more affordable home in NJ worth it?

Honestly, this all depends on your needs. For instance, if you work in NYC, and do not mind commuting for work, renting an apartment in NJ for a while could be the better choice. Simply because NJ has more affordable housing and lower taxes than NYC. On the other hand, if nothing bounds you to New York, you should consider moving to NJ.

a black and white picture of a man thinking
Overall, NJ can offer you better and affordable housing while NYC allows you to be in the center of activities and attention

Firstly, because apartments in NYC are usually pretty small and expensive. Secondly, because New Jersey also has a lot of things to offer to residents. Finally, in retrospect, moving to New Jersey might be more of a financially good solution, while staying in NYC might be a good career-based solution.


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