Downsides of Friends Helping You Relocate/Ample Moving

Downsides of Friends Helping You Relocate

It is great to ask friends helping you relocate. However, when they make a mistake, it is hard to make things right after that. Their mistakes are more significant and much harder to change. However, we love to help our friends. We do it for free, with pleasure. It is the reason why many people choose to hire friends instead of one of the moving companies in North Bergen NJ. However, we love to help our friends. In most situations, it is not that smart, though. 

Still, choosing friends to help you relocate has few good sides:

  • It is always fun – you can spend considerable time with your friend packing and moving stuff;
  • Speaking about a great time, this is the best way to say goodbye to your friend – you will spend a lot of hours with friends;
  • When friends helping you relocate you will save money;
  • You can be sure that your friend will not steal your money or valuable things – although there are low chances that professional movers will do;
  • The best way to gather people that you have trust in is to ask them for help.
You should organize friends seriously before moving

Luckily, there are a lot of people that have vast experience with friends in moving. However, you should consider hiring a professional company in this case. It is especially crucial if you step on a long distance. There are situations when your friends cannot help. It could be worse. They can have serious troubles.

Which are obvious reasons to avoid friends helping you relocate

We are sure that many people know what could be troubling when friends help in moving. You understand that every help that your friend provide is honest. Unfortunately, people are not sure that their friends know which is the job of professional movers. They mostly care about their friends’ furniture and transportation. However, there are things that they can predict, too.

Not know how many people you have for the job

Although the more people you have, the situation is better, it is not always a good option. You can hire a much lower number of NJ movers and still have a better job instead of a bunch of people. The reason is problems with understanding. People who know the job worth more. You cannot replace them with a significant number of people.

Too many people – means the poor organization

It is hard to control people when you have a lot of them in one place. You will need some of the organizations. However, without a professional moving company, it is hard to control their jobs. In most cases, they will do whatever comes to mind. It is terrible for a job.

Injuries happen often when amateurs help in hard jobs like moving

When friends, helping you relocate, could be dangerous?

In some cases, hiring friends helping you relocate could be seriously dangerous. When people do not know the essential parts of the job, they make mistakes. In some cases, you can seriously damage furniture or cause injuries if your friend’s help is the only that you can get, learn how to protect yourself and the staff. More important, you should avoid their support in cases when you have dangerous stuff to move.

Do not forget of injuries

Professionals, like pool table movers, know how to protect back, knees, and hands. They know to protect your floor and other parts of the house. That is why you need professional help when moving. Otherwise, you can end up with back pain or even severe injuries.

You should prevent damages and loss

It is hard to predict what could happen when working with amateurs. Although your friends know how talented your staff is for you, it is hard to protect them. Professional movers, on the other hand, should learn those details by now. They also have packing supplies that protect your valuables and home.

When to hire professionals instead of friends helping you relocate?

You need to hire professionals in some cases. There are situations when amateurs cannot organize professional moving. In some cases, they could cause severe problems and injuries. There are also a lot of jobs when friends cannot help; even they have willingness and desire. They cannot know how to organize moving, or do not have a tool for that.

Some jobs demand professional help

Some professional movers know particular types of jobs. Gun safe movers, for example, are the only ones that could safely move these types of goods. On the other hand, experience builds skills and practice, and that is priceless. You surely do not want to put your valuable things in the hands of the friend. No matter how much you love him.

Friends laugh
Try to make your time with friends more interesting.

You will lose a lot of time on preparation

Remember what we said about the organization? In case you are still planning to hire friends, you need to organize a job step-by-step. In that case, you will lose precious time on unimportant things. Only making a list of properties and priorities takes a lot of time. It makes it late and delaying the process. It is hard to predict the price of the job and final costs in that case.

Your friends do not have equipment

It is the first thing that you should pay attention on. Your friends could organize the simple decluttering of the furniture. A lot of houses have simple tools for those things, like screwdrivers and hammer. However, in cases when dangerous jobs are about, your friends cannot help. It is much better to leave that to the professionals.

They do not have insurance

You should know that your friends cannot replace damaged or lost pieces of furniture. Even if they offer to pay for the damage, you will not take the money from them. It makes many more troubles than you can imagine. You can end with the serious lost at the end of the moving. So, although your friends want to help you because of emotional reasons, kindly refuse it. Psychological say that your moving is linked to your friends. Try to make this link much more pleasant for both sides.


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