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Disinfecting your new apartment

During the current world pandemic, it is very important for everyone to stay safe. This means we need to take certain measures when leaving our homes like wearing masks, gloves and using hand sanitizers. But, besides that, we also have to clean our homes as well. This is something we have to do especially after moving in. Here we will tell you more about good ways of disinfecting your new apartment before you completely move and settle in. Just continue reading and find out more.

Do not unpack before disinfecting your new apartment

It is very important to remember that this is a perfect opportunity to thoroughly clean your apartment. Mainly because there is no furniture laying anywhere so you can even reach some places you wouldn’t otherwise. You can start by collecting all the necessary cleaning equipment. You will need to get some mops, a bucket, broom, and a vacuum. Chances are you probably already have these items in your home. They will surely suffice when it comes to disinfecting your new apartment. When you are planning to clean your new home before moving in, you have to coordinate with your movers as well. Communication is the key and it will be a good idea to have at least one day window before they arrive and start unloading your items. This is easily done if you hire professional NJ movers to help you with your relocation.

girl showing how disinfecting your new apartment is easy
Disinfecting your new apartment is actually not that hard

Try not to use dangerous chemicals

We know that disinfecting might sound like something only professionals can do. But trust us, it is really that simple. There are some chemicals you shouldn’t use in a closed space, but all in all, if you follow all of the instructions written on the bottles, you are good to go! There are some cleaning chemicals that are good for your home, but put them together and you might get some toxic fumes. To avoid that, you should know what are the cleaning chemicals you shouldn’t mixSafety should always be your top priority.

Image of cleaning chemicals
Some chemicals can become toxic when mixed

Dust and clean everything first, then use chemicals

As we mentioned before, you do not have to use any special kind of cleaning solutions to fully disinfect your new home. The household items you have are already enough. The first thing you should do is swipe the floors, windows, and any flat surface. The second step includes going over them with water mixed with cleaning solutions you use for specific surfaces. Some are used for glass, some for floors, some for wooden areas, etc. You need to pay attention to this because you can easily damage wooden areas if you use wrong cleaning chemicals. 

Cleaning with chemicals

Once you are done with these steps, you can use chemicals to clean metal surfaces as well as doorknobs. It is important to clean your front door because that’s the most exposed part of your home. We all know this can take some time. And every time-saving tips and trick are most welcomed. Which is the case when you are looking for reliable movers NJ. If you have professionals at your side, you will certainly save a lot of time with the moving process.

Disinfecting your new apartment is the first thing you need to do before moving in. And the only way to keep it clean and safe is to do it on a regular basis. We hope this article provided you with enough insight on how to do it properly.


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