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Decluttering your office 101

The mess can really affect your work. If you are too disorganized, everything fights for your attention and interferes with your work, not to mention the influence of the perception of your professionalism. Here are 10 tips for decluttering your office to keep it safe and organized.

10. Start decluttering your office from scratch

Most likely, you tried to clear earlier, but it did not work. If removing the clutter little by little does not work, perhaps you should better start from scratch and gradually add what you really need. Take everything from your desk and from the drawers, put them in a box and get back to work. When you need an item, you can put it back on the table. If there are things that you don’t use after a few days … you probably don’t need them. You can call office movers NJ to take them to a storage unit.

Office clutter
When you get to this point, you should really think about decluttering your office from scratch

9. Re-evaluate your stuff

Regardless of whether you start from scratch or not, you need to evaluate what you really need at the table and what you can do without. Confusion exists because our brain is deceiving us, making us think that everything is important. Looking through your things, ask yourself: does this object have a goal? Is it too outdated? Do you keep it because you need it, or because you may need it? Do you even remember that it was there? From the answers to these questions, you should have a clear idea of what to do with it, even if you do not like the answer.

8. Give everything the “Flow”

Now that you have figured out what to keep, you need to decide where to store it. Where you put things is just as important as you need quick access to the things you use most often. Organize your desk drawers by importance – the things you most often use are placed in the nearest drawer, everything else goes into the drawers even further. If you use a lot of paper, give the desktop a workflow from left to right. Work starts on the left, what is in the process goes in the middle and comes out on the right. Thus, your table is free for everything that comes next. If your drawers start to look cluttered, an empty box of cereal can be a great improvised organizer. And in case you need to move your business, it will be much easier to know where you keep everything.

7. Tame your cables

Organizing the clutter of cables under (and above) your table is an endless battle, but you can take it to the next level with simple techniques. You can buy something for cable management, such as the IKEA Signum or Cablox line. If everything else fails, you can creatively display your cables when hiding them is not an option.

6. Find your problem spots

Before you start decluttering your office, first you need to know where the biggest problem is. It can be difficult to look at your workspace objectively and determine how cluttered it is. If you take a few snapshots of your office, you may be surprised at what you find — from another point of view, the mess will appear on you in a way that the real world does not always allow.

Office clutter
If you cannot find problem areas, take a few photos to find them

5. Increase your working space

If you really have too many important things that do not fit on your desk, the next solution is obviously to increase your working space (or at least add extra storage). And there are several budget-friendly decorating tricks you can use besides getting a completely new table. Think vertically to increase storage space in a small room, lift the monitor and use the space under the table. Use every inch of space that you have in your interest, and as long as it is organized, you will feel better than you are now.

4. Create a hidden repository

When traditional shelves are not your style, you have several other options. For example, Pegboard is an incredibly popular (and effective) way to hide cables, routers, and other devices on the back panel. You can also hide a lot of things on the back of the monitor or use magnets to attach consumables to almost everything.

3. Give everything a house

Everything on your desk or drawer should have a “home” where it is when the workspace is clean. If things are not at home, your table becomes a home for everything. If you have problems, use the “bread” test to keep it clean: if it is smaller than a bread basket, hide it in a box or canister. You can also use cardboard boxes or plastic bins for storing your items.

2. Reboot your office every evening

No matter how clean you keep your workplace, it will be messy during the day. This is normal since you work! When things go dirty, things start to become a problem. To avoid this, every evening, remove from the table. All this takes 5 or 10 minutes for decluttering your office, and every morning you will come to a clean, ready-to-work desk.

1. Do not go overboard

Although we all need serious organizational skills from time to time, do not let it become excessive. You start to spend as much time as you try to save it. If something does not waste your time, it probably does not need reorganization. Learn to recognize what is “good enough” and when the time comes to stop organizing, and it’s time to start doing the job.

State after decluttering your office
Perfection can cause huge damage to productivity, and you don’t want to forget why you started organizing in the first place

Why is it so important to declutter your office?

Well, maybe at some point you will decide that you want to move your office. You don’t want to leave too many things for your NJ movers to move. After all, moving all those things will cost you much more. So, take some time for decluttering your office and enjoy every day in it.


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