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Challenges of a local move in New Jersey

If you think local moves are easier than outer state moves – think again. Although it is a common misconception, local moves carry their own challenges. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to panic over the challenges of a local move in New Jersey. What you should do is go over some common issues in order to prepare yourself better. And if you do feel panicked, our experienced team at Ample Moving can help ease your nerves.

Preparing for the move

Preparing for local relocations is no different than preparing for any other move. Your first step should be cleaning and decluttering. Go through your items and set aside those you don’t plan on taking with you. Chances are, you don’t even know how much stuff you have before going through it all. You don’t want to take unnecessary things with you that you’ll end up either throwing away or donating once you move into your new place.

A person in yellow gloves cleaning a bathroom mirror
You should do a general cleaning of your house and belongings before packing

The next step is to clean your place. You don’t have to deep clean, you can do that after packing. The reason why should also clean before packing is because you want your belongings to be clean once they arrive at your new place. And after you have cleaned, you can start packing.

Packing itself can be challenging

After you’ve gone through your things and set aside those you don’t need, think about donating them. You should prepare all packing supplies in advance. The most frequent mistake people make when moving is not starting early enough. It takes a lot of time to move even locally.  You should pack things you don’t use frequently first. If you are thinking of hiring movers and you live in Hoboken, you can easily find Hoboken movers that are reliable and affordable.

A lot of glasses on a garage sale
You can also organize a garage sale and even raise some money for your move

Movers can help also with the packing. Some even offer professional packing services. But, if you plan on doing the packing yourself, here are some important supplies you need:

  • Cardboard boxes – yes this is an obvious one, but do make sure they are of good quality
  • Wrapping paper for those extra delicate items
  • Packing peanuts
  • PVC tape – often overlooked but it is a key detail

Local Moves with children and pets

If you are moving with small children or pets, make plans in accordance. Talk to your children before moving so they can prepare for the challenges of a local move in New Jersey as well. Try phrasing the move in a positive way and listening to what they have to say to make them feel as included as possible. Since this is a local New Jersey move, you’re not abandoning your whole life to start somewhere new. You will probably still be just a bus or a train ride away from your friends and favorite places.

Pets can get stressed about the move too. While it’s still not possible for people to explain to pets what is going on, try to minimize the stress of relocating. One thing you can do is to have a friend take your pet for a day while you’re moving, especially if you are hiring professional movers. During the move, you should carry their food and water bowls with you so they have a feeling of familiarity no matter the setting.

Some movers can don’t have a practice of relocating plants or animals as it tends to be unsafe for them. Only you can take the best care of them. However, you should contact movers Montclair NJ to get the best advice and relocation service.

Change your address

Even if you are not moving long distance you shouldn’t forget this step. People often overlook this part when moving locally, but that doesn’t make it any less important. It’s important to notify your healthcare practitioner of your move and find another. Notify schools if you have kids also. Lastly, you want to change your voting address if you are a registered voter. And for everything else, you can contact Jersey City movers, who can take care of your relocation the best way possible.

New jersey local moves have challenges on their own

Yes, local moves in New Jersey usually cost less and take a shorter amount of time. But that means you can be tempted you try and move everything on your own. This will only add to your frustration. However, if you are on a budget, and can’t afford movers, it’s going to be harder to pull the whole thing off. You will probably need all the help you can get, no matter how hard it might be sometimes to ask for help.

Three people taking on challenges of a local move in New Jersey
Friends can help with the challenges of a local move in New Jersey

Another challenge you might face is putting things off. A lot of people during their local moves live in two houses. This is because they move before selling their house. This can easily sabotage your move. It can ruin your motivation to get things done fast and efficiently by keeping your belongings in two houses.

What you also shouldn’t overlook is traffic and roads. The Garden State is known for bad driving conditions. lots of potholes and fast drivers. This means 1. You are more likely to add to your stress if you drive and move and the same time and 2. it can be quite unsafe. What you can do to minimize stress is to hire reliable movers NJ and get moving insurance. To be extra safe, pack all your most valuable belongings extra safe and keep them with yourself to be sure they don’t get damaged or lost. Everything else can be covered by insurance.

How to minimize challenges of a local move in New Jersey

To summarize, make a plan beforehand. Plan out everything you will need and in what order to pack for your local move in New Jersey. Donate or give away anything you won’t need. Prepare your kids and pets for the challenges of a local move in New Jersey. And lastly, hire local movers. So, now you’re ready to get your supplies and get packing.



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