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Can you rely on customer’s reviews when hiring movers?

Getting the right moving company is not an easy job. You hear the stories about people being unsatisfied with the help they received from the movers all the time, and you just fear that you might get the same service. So, most of us go online and browse through the countless customer reviews, hoping to get the answer to the question- what is the moving company most people are satisfied with. If most customers said that they got great service, then the movers must be awesome as well, right? Well, it’s just not quite that simple. If you want to make sure you found the right moving company, you will have to be sure that you can rely on customer’s reviews when hiring movers. There are some things you need to know first, to be able to make the right decision.

The best way to get a great moving company?

There are some ways of getting the best moving company, like asking your friends for a referral. If someone you know has moved recently, ask about their experience and see if they can give you a referral. Friends won’t lie to you, but there are just some days when even the best moving companies are not as great as they normally are, and that’s fine. If you leave a review, make sure you are genuine but don’t sound angry, your review will seem fake. It doesn’t matter if you need commercial or residential movers, a referral is the best way to go.

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Make sure you ask your friends to recommend a moving company they liked

What to look for?

The thing about the moving companies is that you need to get a good one or your move can be ruined in no time. Pretty much all moving companies have a bad day sometimes, but that is not something that happens all the time. You need to realize that great moving companies will make sure that your move is totally stress-free, and finished in no time. One of the easiest ways to get to these movers is by looking for them at web-site. Then, there is no need to rely on customer’s reviews when hiring movers. Somebody did all the research for you here, and only the best of the best can be found. You can focus on other parts of the move and that is it. If not, you will probably get to browse the reviews. But make sure you can tell if the review is fake or not! Here is what to look for:

  • Check the profile of the person who left the review, so you can rely on customer’s reviews when hiring movers
  • The comment should not be too short
  • If the review is very positive, that is a bad sign
  • A really negative comment is not a great sign either
  • Only a few reviews and they all have five stars
  • Employee names should not be included in a genuine review
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When you decide to search for a great moving company, make sure you don’t trust the fake reviews

If a review passed this test of yours, you can safely say that the review is genuine. Then, you can really rely on customer’s reviews when hiring movers. You will have nothing to worry about. But the best way to get a great moving company still is- by getting a referral.

The profile of the person who left the review needs to be genuine, so you can rely on customer’s reviews when hiring movers

If the person who left the review has just one profile picture, no friends or other activities, just comments on this moving company page, you should see it as a red flag. These persons were made up just so the moving company could get more customers, or be put out of work. Even if they say they got the best packing service, you should check it again. Make sure you know what’s best for you.

Too short review

If someone just wrote “Awesome”, without explaining what is he thinking about, you should pay no attention to it. If someone had a great local move thanks to the moving company, they would have more to say than just one word.

Overdoing it

People who are writing fake reviews will usually overdo it. You can’t rely on customer’s reviews when hiring movers if the review is too positive. This is the place where the previous rule stands again- if you had a great move, you will not be leaving a great review without explaining exactly what was so great about it. If someone says he just geo the best commercial service, but not specify what were the best parts, the review might be fake. Search for more.

Thumbs up
A really positive review with little details is probably a fake one

Negative comments are fine to some point

If one moving company wants to inflict damage on another, they will leave a fake bad review on their page. This review will also be unspecific in many ways, there will not be many details and you just can’t see what is exactly the reason for such a negative comment.

Obviously fake review

If there are many reviews with just five stars and no text at all, these are obviously completely fake. Do not waste your time on this moving company. Never rely on customer’s reviews when hiring movers is they look like this.

Employee information is not something to post online

Everybody knows that it is not ok to leave employee information when you are making comments on the moving company page. If you need to get reliable last-minute movers, do not get the ones with fake reviews like these.  People who write fake online reviews will often overdo them.

A woman with the covered face
A workers identity should never be reviled online

Getting reliable movers is not easy, but make sure you search enough. Don’t rely on customer reviews when hiring movers unless you made sure that these reviews are genuine. Check multiple times to make sure reviews are not fake and then you can choose the perfect moving company for you. Getting the right moving company can help you so much, and make your moving day perfect. So don’t get fooled, learn what are the moving reviews that you can trust.


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