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Best weekend getaway in New Jersey

Do you need an excuse for a weekend getaway? New Jersey is full of attractions to visit and enjoy. Here you have beaches, historic little towns, nature attractions or entertainment. It is relatively small but very interesting for everybody.

Best weekend getaway

If you are not from NJ and you are thinking about moving here, then you will need the help of reliable movers NJ, here you can see some of the attractions that NJ is offering.

Jersey Shore

Even if you are not from NJ, you have probably heard for some of these places. For example, you have a very popular Jersey Shore. A long coastline with beaches that is very popular with local residents. It is filled with shops, restaurants and it has amusement and water parks. This is an excellent place to visit for a short trip or weekend getaway. It attracts visitors from other states and even Canadians, as well.

Boat named Cape May is on the beach
The best weekend getaway usually includes the beach.

Depending on your dates, make sure to book in advance so you can have a better choice. There are a lot of accommodations for you to choose from, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be summer season to visit Jersey Shore because it is all year round tourist destination.

You have Cookman Avenue with a great restaurant for all the food lovers. You can find art galleries and a variety of shops here as well. Spring Lake, Ocean Grow, Point Pleasant Beach are just some of the charming small towns in Jersey Shore.

Atlantic City

Don’t forget about Atlantic City, gambling paradise that is excellent for a weekend getaway with friends and loved ones. Atlantic City is mainly popular because of the casinos, but it has many more attractions. You can experience a lot of outdoor, sports activities. That is if you get enough of casinos and restaurants. There are actually people who like to come to Atlantic City for surfing, fishing, kayaking and enjoy escaping from the city. The best weekend getaway has to include an excellent story from your great experience.

The nightlife scene is mainly focused on clubs and bars. For many people, this is a perfect weekend getaway with friends. There are always some events, so you can plan your perfect weekend earlier. Just be sure to book in advance if you are going to some major event with your friends. Weekends are of course the busiest period, especially when there is a great party scheduled.

There is one more little town that you have to visit for your weekend getaway if you haven’t done it already. Cape May, which is a charming Victorian town that is a great weekend getaway choice in the fall. You can avoid summer crowd but you can still visit the beach because it is not yet cold. It is the best to go in the summer because its biggest attractions are beaches if you want to stay for a longer period,

Weekend getaway for nature lovers

As we said, there is something for everybody. New Jersey is actually famous for its natural, geographic diversity. The Pine Barrens is excellent unspoiled nature. This is dense forest area with interesting wildlife. It is a huge place and popular with people who like outdoors. There are great trails for hiking but there are also scenic routes if you want to explore it by car.

Weekend getaway a forest creek
Experience some of many outdoor activities in NJ

Beside nature trails and wildlife, here you can see charming little villages and towns as well.

  • Whitesbog Village is a historic town which was built approximately 150 years ago. Famous for its museums and nature trails.
  • Batsto Village maybe comes as a surprise that prehistoric evidence was found here. This was a home for native Indians as well. Today it attracts outdoorsy people and tourist who like to visit historic sites.
  • Tuckerton with its beautiful Seaport and rich maritime history is a great choice for a weekend getaway. It is excellent for fishing, picnic, walks, and sports. Maybe you can visit Tuckerton for a romantic weekend getaway.

Romantic weekend getaways

All you lovebirds search no more for a romantic getaway. NJ is maybe small but it has plenty to offer to couples in love. You can find here beautiful, fairytale resorts and hotels. Depending on your budget and your free time, choose one of them for a short trip. When you see it, you will never want to leave.

This is perfect for people who live in the city, you can experience nature and enjoy in excellent accommodations. Besides hotels and resorts, you have a different type of romantic experiences. Such as hot air balloon rides, wine tasting tours or parasailing.

The most popular choice for one or two nights is bed and breakfasts or inns. There is a lot to choose from, so if you can’t decide at least you have an excuse to go on a few weekend getaways.

Thinking about moving to New Jersey

When you are looking for a fresh, new place to start, consider NJ. While you are considering the moving cost, also think about numerous reasons to move to NJ. You don’t have to come here just because of the weekend getaway. On the other hand, if you have visited NJ on a short trip and you liked it so much then start planning your relocation.

Those people with families first think about good schools, the safety of the neighborhoods and similar things. One of the advantages of NJ is a low crime rate. The other important for families with kids is an excellent education system. According to statistics from previous years, New Jersey has an excellent graduation rate. Besides these two reasons, you have one more important one and that is great health care. This is something that is important for everybody, not just families.

Crowd in a concert
There is a large choice for anybody who likes to go out.

Couples and younger people also like NJ because of the rich offer in the entertainment industry. The small size of the state is the advantage in this case. Because of that, you can easily reach to different parts of the country and attend various events.


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