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Best Small Cities in NJ For Starting a Family

Starting a family is a huge step in life. Nowadays, rarely anyone wants to start a family before finding a good job, a nice house, etc. For this reason, the first step is to find a good city for raising your family. Big cities are ideal places for young professionals looking for jobs and entertainment. When you get older and already accomplished everything you wanted in a big city, you should think about moving to a smaller and less crowded city. When you decide to relocate, the first thing you should do is hire moving services NJ movers offer. Hiring one of the reliable movers will help you speed up your moving process. This doesn’t mean that you should quit your current job. There are many good smaller cities near bigger ones. For example, if you have a nice job in NYC, you can easily find a nice small town in New Jersey. For this reason, here is a list of a few best small cities in NJ for starting a family.

What are the best small cities in NJ for starting a family?

Living in New Jersey comes with many benefits. You can easily find a nice and affordable city that is only about 10 min away from Manhattan. Additionally, proximity to NYC is not the only reason to move to New Jersey with Ample Moving. So, when you are looking for a perfect place to start a family, you should focus your search on New Jersey. New Jersey is one of the smallest states in the USA‚ but with a big population of almost 10 million. Living standards in New Jersey are pretty high thanks to a strong economy. For example, New Jersey has 21 counties and nine of them are among the 100 wealthiest U.S. counties. You won’t have a problem finding a good place to start your family. Some of the good places for starting your family are the following:

  • Montclair
  • Englewood
  • Livingston
  • Caldwell
  • West Cape May
aerial view of a city
New Jersey is a good state for starting your family

Why should you pick Montclair?

Montclair is a town located in Essex County and it’s also a part of the New York metropolitan area. The population has increased significantly in the last 10 years and now it’s around 40 000. Now, you need to find out why Montclair is a good place for starting your family. According to movers Montclair NJ, this is one of the most desirable places to move to. The reasons are many, but the most popular ones are the protected nature reserves, restaurants, shopping, art scene, proximity to Manhattan, and nice homes. Additionally, Montclair has an excellent school system and it has a highly-rated and specialized magnet school system. As there are many benefits of living in Montclair, the cost of living is higher than the national one. The median home price is around $820 000 while New Jersey’s median home price is around $470 000.

What should you know about Englewood?

Another good city for starting your family is Englewood. This is a small city located in Bergen County with a population of almost 30 000. Englewood is a quiet but lively city with many things going on. Streets are very clean, residents are pleasant and warm, and crime rates are low. The School system is fairly good and there are both public and private schools to choose from. Additionally, the city has nice restaurants and night scenes where you can enjoy your free time. Moving to Englewood is not hard as you only need to hire movers Englewood NJ for your relocation.

person riding a bike in one of the best cities in NJ for starting a family
Englewood is one of the best small cities in NJ for starting a family

Why should you move to Livingston?

There are many reasons why you should move to Livingstone with movers Livingston NJ. Additionally, Livingstone is a perfect place to start your family as the city was named one of the best places to live and raise a family in New Jersey in 2021. Most of the residents own their homes and the median home value is around $700 000. The city has highly-rated public schools and low crime rates. Livingston offers a small-town lifestyle with a good choice of activities and entertainment.

Why should you consider Caldwell?

As there are so many great choices in New Jersey, it’s not easy to choose one town. If you are looking for a true small town in New Jersey, then Caldwell is a place for you. Caldwell is located in Essex County and has a population of around 7000. It’s a mostly residential area located only 17 miles from Manhattan. Caldwell might be a small town, but it’s one of the wealthiest places in New Jersey. The median home value is around $700 000. The typical house you can find in Caldwell is a four-to-six-bedroom house with large property. Caldwell is popular among young professionals and young couples who are planning on starting a family soon. For this reason, you should consider moving here with Caldwell NJ movers.

Why should you raise your family in a small city?

If you have an opportunity to choose a place to start your family, you have two options. You can either move to a big city or a small one. There are pros and cons to both options. But most people would agree that small towns are better for raising a family. Small towns often have a strong sense of community which contributes to lower crime rates. You won’t have to worry about the safety of your kids when they are playing in a local park or street. Additionally, your kids won’t have to travel far away to school. For this reason, the best option would be a small town close to a bigger one with a good school system.

person holding a baby
Smaller cities are better for raising kids

How to choose the best city for you?

As you can see, there are many great small cities in NJ. Now, which one you will pick depends only on you. In order to find one of the best small cities in NJ for starting a family you should compare the cost of living, home options, school ratings, job options, etc. This is not a decision you can make lightly or fast. You should consult with your partner and pick the city that you both like. Additionally, you should then start preparing for your relocation to your new home.



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