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Best Schools in Livingston NJ

When people get kids, their whole life turns upside down. The priorities from their previous life are changed with new precedences. Everything will be less important than that child and their well-being. It might not be a primary concern immediately, but your kid’s education is essential. In today’s materialistic world, the education they get is a direct influence on their adult life. So, when your family moves, that will be an additional thing to think about – pick a place with good schools aside from other important factors. Luckily, choosing one out of all the professional movers NJ residents recommend won’t be difficult since you already found us, some of the best movers in New Jersey. If you are considering moving to Essex County, these are the best schools in Livingston NJ.

General Information About Livingston NJ

Livingston is a suburb of NYC that around 30,000 people call home. As incredible as it might sound, people here enjoy a spacious, suburban, slow-paced lifestyle. If you want this lifestyle while still being close to a metropolitan area, contact our movers Livingston NJ relies on. Approximately 87% of the population owns their homes since the median home value is somewhat affordable, considering the high prices in this area. When discussing other factors, you rarely find a place with grades as good as Livingston’s. Everything from population diversity to safety is ranked high, making it a perfect place for families. But today, we will focus on the excellent educational system in the area. That said, these are the best schools in Livingston NJ.

  • Livingston Senior High School
  • Millburn Middle School
  • Deerfield Elementary School
Picture of a kid with glasses
If you pick one of the best schools in Livingston NJ, your kids will get an excellent education.

Livingston Senior High School

This high school is, without a doubt, the highest-rated school in the area. It has the best college preparation your kids can get, so it is an excellent start for those who wish to pursue higher education. Close to 2,000 students study in this school, with a tremendous student-to-teacher ratio – of 11 to 1. It also has a very high graduation rate of 95%, showing that the effort from great teachers does pay off in the end.

Millburn Middle School

This is the second-best public middle school in the state, which says a lot about the quality of the education your kids can get. It might be located in Millburn, but it is only 5 miles from Livingston. This school also has nearly 2,000 students and an equally good student-to-teacher ratio. As tricky as math is, 84% of the students are proficient in it. If your kids are naturally gifted in mathematics, getting a few moving quotes in NJ today isn’t a bad idea. Hiring movers early is the best thing you can do for a stress-free move.

Deerfield Elementary School

Elementary school is the base of everyone’s education, and choosing a good one is very important. If you are in the situation be moving to Livingston with the help of our office movers NJ offers, your business will not be the only thing experiencing good things. There are 460 students in this school, with a teacher-to-student ratio of 9 to 1. Your young children will also get the opportunity to study at the of the best elementary schools in Union County. Deerfield Elementary School is in Mountainside, only 11 miles away from Livingston. It might seem like a considerable distance, but Livingstons’ favorable commute time will benefit you.

Picture of kids playing on the floor of one of the best schools in Livingston NJ
Elementary school education is essential.

Final Thoughts on the Best Schools in Livingston NJ

As you can see, the best schools in Livingston NJ cover a wide range of educational opportunities for any school age. No matter if you have a young kid or a teenager, in the city of Livingston, they will get the best education possible!


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