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Best places to visit during the winter in NJ

When you are in New Jersey you should enjoy it. This is not a commitment or anything you have to do. It is simply a fact. When in New Jersey, you just enjoy it. There are so many things to see and so many places to visit to even count. However, we can try. If you are not sure where to go in New Jersey during those cold winter days, you came to the right place. We will try to point out some of the most interesting places to visit during the winter in NJ.

If you have just moved to New Jersey and the winter is upon us, and you are looking to see where to go and what to do, we will try to help. By using the moving companies NJ, you already probably know some facts about New Jersey. Because movers are there to help you not only with your move but it happens more often than not, that they are the ones who can give you some pointers.

Autumn in New Jersey
                    New Jersey is lovely

So many places to visit during the winter in the cool NJ

Whatever you like to see and visit, New Jersey has it. From cultural places to the nightclubs where there are music and drinks for anyone’s taste. New Jersey is very familiar with great beaches. However, since it is winter you don’t want to go to a beach. Or do you? Beaches have their own charm even during the winter days. It can be a great thing and relaxing, to walk by the beach during the winter. No one said you have to dip in the cold ocean water. Simply enjoy the walk.

Imagine looking over the ocean during the winter. Some sight can be even more beautiful during those cold days. If you are not in the mood for a walk you can try The Adventure Aquarium. It is not the ocean, but it has water and all those lovely sea creatures. This Aquarium is really a very special place where you can see so many different sea animals. Since it is winter, this is something where you can enjoy, and have an outside experience while being inside in a warm place. Having fun just by reading and imagining this? Start packing for your move or a visit.

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Are you curious? Are you curious to see Museum of a man who changed the way of how are we living today? In the case, you are, Thomas Edison National Historical Park is a place for you to visit. This is a great way to spend a cold afternoon. You will see so many great things, this is not a typical museum. Here you will the house where Thomas Edison lived and worked. Such an amazing experience. Since this is a famous touristic place, it can that sometimes you won’t be able to go just any day, therefore, plan ahead and get your tickets.

New Jersey, New Jersey

When in New Jersey go to New Jersey. Jersey City is famous for its museums, galleries, restaurants, diners and so many other interesting things that can be fun to visit and do during the winter. The selection is enormous and you can really choose. There is something for anyone. Worst comes to worst you can always go for a stroll down the peer while eating some saltwater taffy. Sounds nice, right? However, that should be your last option since it is cold outside if you dress up really good and warm maybe it can be among your first choices.

Atlantic City

Atlantic city is such a fun place, with all the Las Vegas vibes. Are you feeling lucky? Check out Atlantic City, this is a very special place if you are into having a lot of fun. If you are not feeling like going to a casino or to some bar, you can always buy some salt water taffy and enjoy it low-key. However, remember that it is winter, therefore while being in Atlantic city it would be a real shame not to go to some great restaurant that is serving special dishes that you won’t resist.

peer in New Jersey
New Jersey is so much fun, but at the same time it can be really peaceful


If you are into nature than Newark is a place for you. It is not necessarily among the places to visit during the winter in NJ, but, we just have to mention it. Newark is most famous for cherry blossom trees, However, this is not something that you can see during the winter of course but in some other season of the year you should definitely come here and enjoy the nature. Let’s do a little recap:

  • The Adventure Aquarium
  • Thomas Edison National Historical Park
  • Jersey City
  • Atlantic City
  • Newark

These are some of the places to visit during the winter in NJ. Of course, that is not all. There’s more.

Cape May

Cape May is a place that you can go and visit and be mesmerized in the summer and in the winter. It doesn’t matter when you go. Since we are talking about the places to visit during the winter in NJ let’s say what you can do in Cape May during the colder days of the year. Various extraordinary sites are there throughout the year, and you can always enjoy them. You can check out Cape May on your own or you can do it through an arranged guided tour. Either way, you will enjoy it. In all the other places mentioned so far, you can visit some of the great restaurants in Cape May and enjoy in the hot homemade food.

Cape May is definitely one of the best places to visit during the winter in NJ
Cape May is so colorful

New Jersey is such a great state. It has so much to offer. If you are moving to New Jersey you are lucky. Moving time can be really stressful, therefore, try and relax because you are moving to New Jersey that is so much fun even during the winter. Let’s not forget Hoboken movers for any doubt you may have regarding your move. Enjoy in New Jersey and try to visit all of these places we have mentioned, that will help you see just how great New Jersey is.


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