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Best New Jersey places for job seekers

Finding a job is equally stressful as applying for a college. The first major thing you need to do in your adult life is to find a job. Today’s job market is very competitive, especially in big cities such as NYC. It’s hard to find a good job with a decent salary that will cover all your living expenses and also have some money for vacations, shopping, etc. For this reason, you should try finding a job in less popular cities or find a home in towns close to big cities such as NYC. There are many cases where people work in NYC while living in New Jersey. Also, there are many great job opportunities in New Jersey as well. So, your next step should be to move to one of the best New Jersey places for job seekers with Ample Moving NJ.

 What are the best New Jersey places for job seekers?

New Jersey is a promising state for job seekers. It has many benefits for living and working. The two biggest benefits of living in New Jersey are proximity to NYC and high median household income. For this reason, many people choose to move to New Jersey while still commuting to NYC every day. There are movers NJ to NYC that can help you with your relocation. The best places for work options are chosen based on a couple of parameters such as unemployment rate, current average household income, etc. The unemployment rate in New Jersey is currently 4,6% which is lower than NYCs one of 7,6%. Also, the median household income is pretty high in New Jersey. The best cities for job seekers in NJ are the following:

  • Jersey City
  • Bloomfield
  • Hillsdale
  • Princeton
  • Westwood
  • Ramsey
  • North Bergen
young lady searching for Best New Jersey places for job seekers
New Jersey is a good state to look for a job

What jobs are popular in Jersey City?

Jersey City is often found on many lists of the best places to live in New Jersey. It’s a charming city with diverse culture and many options for fun activities. New Jersey has over 250 000 residents and it’s fairly affordable compared to some major cities. Of course, the cost of living will depend on the neighborhood just like in any other city. The best neighborhoods in Jersey City for a living are The Heights, Waterfront, Journal Square, etc. Jersey City is not very close to NYC as you will need around one hour of travel. For this reason, the better option would be to find a job in Jersey City or other several cities near it. The most sought jobs in Jersey City are nurses, technology, food service workers, laborers, etc. If you fit in any of these categories, you should move here with Jersey City movers.

Bloomfield is a great place for living

Bloomfield is another great city for living and finding a job. If you are looking for a smaller town to move in, then Bloomfield is a perfect place for you. It’s a smaller city with a population of only 50 000. The biggest benefit of living in Bloomfield is an affordable cost of living which is expected from small cities. Top jobs currently in this city are call center representative, office assistant, day labor, controller, graphic designer, human resources, administrative assistant, etc. Also, you can find good job options in near cities such as New York City, Jersey City, Newark, Edison, Parsippany, and Elizabeth. The distance between NYC and Bloomfield is around 30 min drive depending on your traveling option. For this reason, you can move here with movers Bloomfield NJ while working in NYC.

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Bloomfield is one of the best New Jersey places for job seekers with many job options such as call center representative

Finding a job in North Bergen is not hard

North Bergen is located just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. It’s a perfect place if you are wanting to find a job in Manhattan but can’t afford high Manhattans prices. North Bergen is a more affordable and better option for living. You can easily move here with help from movers North Bergen NJ. It’s a similarly sized city as a Bloomfield with a population of around 65 000. The special fact about North Bergen is its local growing economy. There are many good job opportunities here, especially in fields such as transportation, health care, and finance. Of course, your job search doesn’t have to be limited only to North Bergen as you have NYC as an option. Aside from affordability and the job market, North Bergen also has excellent public transport, public events, beautiful nature, etc. It’s an ideal city for starting your family and raising your kids.

Ridgewood is a perfect city for job seekers

Ridgewood was voted as the best place to live in Bergen Country. The city has an unemployment rate of 3,5% and a median household income of $150 000. The city is pretty small with a population of 25 000. It’s a tight community where everyone knows everyone and people help each other. The top job options currently in Ridgewood are a sales manager, teacher aide, babysitting, physical therapist, trader, manager, etc. Ridgewood is a pretty rich area as it’s one of the state’s highest-income communities. Also, more than 75% of residents own their homes. You can also be one of these homeowners if you move here with a good moving company. If you want to have a true suburban and rich lifestyle, then your next destination is Ridgewood.

strict female teacher is standing
Being a teacher is one of the popular jobs in Ridgewood

How to pick a good place to search for a job?

Finding a job is not an easy achievement. The competition is usually very fierce. You can find a job more easily if you have experience or if you finished a good college. However, finding a job is easier in certain cities, usually bigger ones. If you want to have a more chance of finding a good job, you should move to one of the best New Jersey places for job seekers. There are many good options to choose from. Many of these cities are close to NYC and Manhattan, so you can also expand your search there.



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