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Best eco-friendly packing supplies for your green move

Using eco-friendly packing supplies is very important if you want to move in line with environmental protection. You are aware of the trash that will remain after you move. All those empty boxes and paper end up in a landfill, and it is even not the worst thing that could happen. In many cases, moving presumes high CO2 emissions and throwing off all things that somebody can use again. However, if you want to organize a green move, you should start with the packing.

  • You should use reusable boxes, so you can pass them to the people that will move after you;
  • Use boxes made of recycling materials, but it does not presume that you should recycle them right after moving;
  • Packing is very important for a green move, even though you may forget about this at first;
  • It is possible to ask professionals for advice about eco-friendly packing supplies when moving – many NJ movers could help you with this.

After you consult with professionals and use eco-friendly materials, do not forget that green move does not end here. You should think green in every circumstance. In some cases, you should organize moving in that way so as to decrease CO2 emissions in the air.

Wood boxes
Wood boxes from stores could be great for green moving

Use only eco-friendly supplies when moving

Moving starts with packing, and it does matter which materials will use. In many cases, you can hire professionals for that. However, if you want to be seriously devoted to green moving, you should consider preparing green materials on your own. In the end, it will save money.

Use only natural materials

We are sure that if you want to organize a green move the first thing is moving boxes. You should use only natural moving boxes in Jersey City. It means those that are made of natural materials, like cardboard or recycled paper. You can use paper and card box, too.

Use bio gradable packing materials

Luckily, there is a service that rents and sells boxes made of bio-gradable materials. You should not search a lot for them. When this service is about, you can fully trust them. Also, you can find not only boxes there, but also paper and other eco-friendly packing supplies.

You should rely on used moving boxes

Recycling and reusing are two important words for the green movement. However, it is not easy to find used boxes. There are services and moving companies that help in this. On the other hand, ask in stores, or moving company for used boxes. Just make sure that they are not damaged and dirty. If you want to use protective boxes, ask interstate movers NJ for their used boxes. They surely have a lot of hard boxes.

Moving boxes are not the only way to pack things

Why would you use only moving boxes for moving? There are so many ways to pack things safely. It will save space and money. So, find as much bags and suitcases you can. Pack things in gym bags, suitcases, and even reusable grocery totes. You can also borrow from friends and neighbors those things.

Packing strategies when you want to move green

The green movement does not end with eco-friendly packing supplies. You should prepare yourself for packing that will follow the environment protection agenda. There are many strategies to reduce the stuff that you will pack and move with you. For people who move green, it is not bad to get rid of unneeded stuff before moving.

Do not pack towels and blankets

You should know that those things could serve for much better purposes. You can use them to protect large and fragile things. Simply put blankets on the bottom of the boxes and secure them. Fragile items made of glass simply wrap into the towel. Maybe they are not eco-friendly packing supplies but help in these situations.

Use plastic storage bins

Well, these are not real natural materials, but plastic bins have one great characteristic. You can use them for years, maybe decades. It means that you can pack things there and move with you whenever you want. After moving, you should not take things from them, simply leave them in the new home. They are great for small and valuable items. Nothing is on the landscape, and you saved money.

Keep recycling even during moving

It is not important only to use eco-friendly packing supplies – you should think green

Using eco-friendly packing supplies is not the end of the green movement. You should think green in every situation. Moving presumes high CO2 emission and a lot of garbage that ends in landfill. You should know strategies that resolve these problems, even during moving.

Donate wardrobe and furniture

Packing is a great adventure but also shows how much stuff you have. As every socially responsible person, you should donate everything you do not need anymore. It is especially worth for wardrobe that we buy every season. Many of those things are new and clean, so other people can use.

Recycle things while moving

All that hurry and packing sometimes make us forget about recycling. Do not forget this obligation even during packing. Everything you do not need simply recycles as in every other situation. It will make you feel better if anything else.

A man on bicycle
Think green even during moving so use alternative transportation

Avoid trucks and other vehicles that use fuel

Moving to New Jersey could be a great adventure if you use the train. Imagine how great will be traveling with this romantic and safety vehicle. On that way, you will protect the environment, avoiding trucks and other vehicles that increase CO2 emission. In case that you move to the same city, make sure that you have used fewer backs when moving locally. Ask friends to help you or book a dolly, which helps in carrying of heavy boxes and stuff. Maybe does not presumes using eco-friendly packing supplies, but helps anyway.


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