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Best cities for singles in New Jersey

Whether you are a single person in your early twenties or late thirties, and you are looking for new work or personal opportunities, New Jersey is the best place for you. You are looking at a very exciting adventure if you decide to go forward with this relocation! Although being one of the smallest states, New Jersey is one of the best places on the East Coast for you to live in, if you are single. With moving date still weeks away, you are slowly but thoroughly browsing through the choices of moving companies, and also looking to see what are the most promising cities for singles in New Jersey. Whether you decide to use services of moving companies Hudson County NJ or some other, you will not make a mistake.

Finding the right moving company for your NJ move

When it comes to moving, it is never stress-free. Being single can be one of the easy sides of relocation, as you will have fewer things to pack, and fewer people to worry about during the packing and moving process. On the other hand, you are moving alone, to a place where you will certainly not know anyone. Good preparation for this transition is the key to success. Choosing a moving company can be a long process, based on the reviews you can find on them online, and based on the services they offer. As a single person, you are looking into the New Jersey cities where you feel you would fit best, based on your interests, desires and financial possibilities. Some of the cities caught your eye, so you have decided to hire any company among movers Bayonne NJ. You are convinced that you made a good choice and that you will be provided with the best service for your money’s worth.

Friends toasting to finding top cities for singles in New Jersey
Gather your friends to help you pack and toast                        to your new future

New Jersey moving preparations

You successfully overrode one of the hurdles called finding a moving company. Now all that is left for you to do now is start packing. Although you have moved before and are already experienced, try avoiding some common mistakes people make when moving to New Jersey. Make your packing process more fun by calling a few friends to help out. Everyone should bring some boxes, or other supplies, in order to make this packing experience as less stressful as possible. This can be a great opportunity for you to give away some things you will not actually need in your quest for New Jersey cities for singles. Also, having close people help you out in this new venture will make you feel more stable and confident in the fact that you made the right decision with this relocation.

Criteria in choosing among top cities for singles in New Jersey

Before choosing a city where you plan to settle down, here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Rich nightlife
  • Cultural events and festivals
  • The average age of other single young people in the city
  • Prices of buying or renting a home
  • Distance from some other big cities


Crowd enjoying the concert
Level of entertainment should be an important                  criterion if you are single

Top 5 cities for singles in NJ and why you should consider them

Based on several types of research, these are the top five cities to live in New Jersey when you are single:

1. Hoboken

Hoboken is a city in the Hudson County area, positioned on the Hudson River. With its population of around fifty thousand people, it does not fall under the most populous cities but is certainly one of the most beautiful ones. One of the really good things about Hoboken is that it is a part of the New York metro area. Another great thing is the average age of its citizens, which is around 32, meaning that this city is full of young people. Another perk of this city is its proximity to New York, which for a single person can be very exciting.

2. Jersey City

It is considered as the second largest and most populous city in New Jersey, and therefore most promising for singles. The bigger the city population, the wider are the options for meeting someone new. Jersey City has a number of galleries and theaters and is also famous for its spring festivals. This is a great place for any type of artist as it is considered to be the 10th most artistic city in the US.

3. Newark

Most populous city in New Jersey and therefore most diverse. Founded in Essex County, at the mouth of Passaic River. Among other things, popular for several major companies having their headquarters based in it. Home of several higher education institutions such as Rutgers University and New Jersey Institute of Technology. One of the most famous local entertainment venues is most definitely NJPAC (New Jersey Performing Arts Center), which has hosted many concerts and other similar events.

University graduation
If you are looking for vibrant people and              positive energy, Princeton is your choice

4. Princeton

Princeton is the home of Princeton University, a private Ivy League research university. It is one of the oldest universities in the country. Having said that, it is obvious that the population of this city is mostly students, so nightlife and entertainment options are numerous. One of the great things about Princeton is that it is halfway between New York and Philadelphia. Proximity to these two big cities makes life in Princeton very appealing.

5. Trenton

Trenton is the capital of New Jersey, and for a brief moment in the 18th century’s history, it served as the capital of the United States. Here you can find numerous and very diverse sports fans. Due to the proximity of New York and Philadelphia you can find sports fans divided into fan loyalties between teams from these two big cities. Trenton is also known to be home to many historical monuments and landmarks.


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