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Benefits of moving to Montclair, NJ

Have you ever thought about relocating to New Jersey? New Jersey has a lot of things to offers from good public schools to great living conditions. Also, New Jersey is considered one of the wealthiest states in the US with median household income being the second highest in the US. You can also earn this median household income if you decide to move to one of the cities in NJ with movers NJ. The most popular city in New Jersey is probably Newark. However, Newark is also the most populous with 282 000 residents. If you want a smaller city but with an urban city feeling then Montclair is the place for you. Montclair has a long history of celebrating cultural diversity. One of the benefits of moving to Montclair is to be able to enjoy and get to know different cultures and customs.  

What are the benefits of moving to Montclair?  

Montclair as a town exists since 1894 and it’s located in Essex County, New Jersey. It’s a relatively small town with approximately 40 000 residents. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by this smaller number of residents and expect a boring city with nothing interesting to do. On the contrary, Montclair might be small in numbers but it’s certainly is not small in city events. More and more people every year are discovering the charms and benefits of Montclair and deciding to move here. You can also be one of these people and relocate to the coolest suburb with movers Montclair NJ. The benefits of living in Montclair are numerous, but here are more prominent ones.  

  • Beautiful nature  
  • Diverse population  
  • Schools  
  • High median household income  
  • Midtown direct train line  
Benefits of moving to Montclair is living in a big house
Because of the high median household income, you can afford a big house

The magnet school system is one of the benefits of moving to Montclair  

Montclair has highly rated public schools which is very important if you are moving with kids. Also, Montclair has a unique and impressive magnet school system. Magnet school system means that one school focus on one special area of study. In Montclair, schools focus mostly on environmental studies, arts, university studies, science and technology, and global studies. This way, your kids will be able to choose a school that suits the most to their interest. Also, you can as a parent to take trips to schools and evaluate them. This way, you can be sure that your kids are getting the best education and learning from some of the best teaches in the country. High-rated public schools in Montclair and the whole state are one of the reasons why New Jersey is becoming more popular among families 

Montclair public transportation is amazing  

Unlike other smaller cities which have only a rudimental public system, Montclair has highly developed public transportation. Montclair has six train station stops and it’s part of the midtown direct train line which connects Montclair with New York City. Also, you only need about a 30 to 40 min train ride to get to New York City. This makes commuting to NYC fairly easy and fast. For this reason, Montclair is one of the best places to live when working in Manhattan. Furthermore, Montclair’s public transportation is not only limited to train lines. Many bus services drive through the whole city and beyond. Whatever type of public transport you choose in Montclair, you won’t be disappointed with the amazing service.  

train arriving
Public transport is amazing in the city

Where to live in Montclair?  

Even if Montclair is a relatively small town, there are still many amazing neighborhoods to choose from. Montclair has six historic districts and the same number of business districts, neighborhoods close to downtown or close to train stations. Some of the neighborhoods in Montclair are the following.  

  • Upper Montclair – it has a direct train station and bus with many restaurants and shopping sites. Also, many people who work in NYC live here.  
  • Walnut Street – It’s a vibrant and beautiful neighborhood that has everything you need.  
  • Montclair Center and Church Street – It’s a place where all fun events are happening. It’s always bustling with life and events.  
  • Watchung Plaza – It’s one of the business districts in Montclair with a train station, post office, cafes, etc.  
  • Estate Section – It’s a family-oriented neighborhood with a relaxing atmosphere and luxurious homes.  
  • Marlboro Park – It’s one of the historical neighborhoods Of Montclair and it’s close to the Watchung Plaza train.  

Job options are one of the benefits of moving to Montclair  

Living in Montclair comes with one big benefit – great job options. Additionally, you are not only limited to the Montclair job opportunities, but also you can widen your search to NYC. The biggest employers in Montclair are Montclair State University, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, etc. The median household income is $127,00 while the national is $62,00. However, the taxes in Montclair are higher than in many other US cities. Also, housing costs are much higher than on the national range. The median house value is $625,000 which compared to national $218,000 is much more expensive. However, even with this high housing cost, 60% of Montclair residents own a home.   

people riding a cart
Montclair State University is one of the big employers

What can you do for fun in Montclair?  

Montclair has so much to offer in the field of restaurants, cafes, bars, and events. There are many amazing local restaurants that serve food worthy of some best restaurants in the world. You should check out  

  • Faubourg  
  • Montclair Culinary Academy  
  • The Corner  
  • Vesta Chocolate  
  • Laboratorio Kitchen  

Also, you can enjoy many fun activities and events in Montclair. There are twenty public parks and if that is not enough, there are also two nature preserves in Montclair. Additional to these parks, you as a Montclair resident will be able to enjoy three public swimming pools, 18 tennis courts, and three indoor skating rinks.  

Why you should choose Montclair for a living?  

As you can see, there are many benefits of moving to Montclair. Many of them are not even listed here. When you finally relocate to this beautiful town, you will be able to discover even more benefits than listed here. For this reason, you shouldn’t hesitate any more and you should relocate to Montclair soon. 


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