All You Need to Know Before Moving to Guttenberg

All You Need to Know Before Moving to Guttenberg

Moving is a long process and a serious business. Some people are still unsure of how to prepare for the move, even if they have done it already. That’s why we are here to remove all the misconceptions about relocation. In this article, we will discuss the necessary details you need to know before moving to Guttenberg. We will take a look at Guttenberg’s lifestyle. This wouldn’t be possible without professional NJ movers that will help you in all your endeavors.

Factors to Consider Before Moving to Guttenberg

As we mentioned, relocation comes with a few steps. A new city requires a change of lifestyle. Therefore, you need to give your best to get used to the change of environment. Guttenberg is located in Hudson County, New Jersey. It houses around 11,502 citizens. Many residents only have nice words about living in this town, saying it’s small and friendly, perfect for a peaceful family life. Diversity is also a huge part of Guttenberg’s population. Some of the most important things you need to consider before relocating to Guttenberg are:

  • Housing and cost of living
  • Job market
  • Locations to visit

You’d want your family to accommodate the new city. You need to talk about this together before relocating, especially when moving with the kids. You need to prepare them for this significant change and explain it to them so they’ll understand its importance. Therefore, hiring out reliable movers Guttenberg NJ offers will ensure a successful and safe relocation for your family.

family talking about moving to guttenberg while looking at a map
Have a conversation with your family about moving to Guttenberg.

Housing and Cost of Living

The median home value in Guttenberg is $381,330. However, most of the residents rent a place than own one. You can always choose a type of living based on your personal preferences. The most popular neighborhoods in Guttenberg are Guttenberg East, Town Center, Guttenberg Northwest, and Guttenberg West. The most frequent type of home in Guttenberg is apartment complexes; over 32% of each home has two to three bedrooms. This is quite fit for couples with one kid and small families. We also have to mention a median household income which will come in handy when discussing the cost of living and the job market.

Therefore, the median household income is $63,189, living up to the USA’s average. The average rent of 3-bedroom apartments is $2,510. An average family of three spends around $7,073 for transportation annually, which is significantly lower than New Jersey’s or the USA’s standard. The annual food cost for a family of three costs around $7,605. Guttenberg’s annual cost of healthcare lives up to New Jersey’s standard. Even though most of Guttenberg’s population prefers public transportation over driving, the regular cost of gas is $3.81 per gallon. In conclusion, we can say that Guttenberg is fit for families who prefer living in a small community with affordable housing options and cost of living. Whenever you decide to make Guttenberg your home, our expert movers and packers Jersey City will tailor your dream relocation!

Job Market

Guttenberg’s job market is diverse. However, the most popular fields are:

  • Healthcare
  • Accommodation
  • Retail
  • Transportation

Moreover, education, professional services, and manufacturing also hold a high position. In addition, Guttenberg is neither a predominantly blue-collar nor a white-collar region. Therefore, you can find a working position that suits you the best. Public transportation is widely used for commuting to work, and residents still prefer working in the office rather than working from home. Guttenberg’s population is well-educated, and you can be sure your kid will get the best possible education. Even future university students have unique opportunities in some of Gutttenberg’s neighborhoods, like New York City.

a woman in a blue blazer talking with her co-worker and smiling
In Guttenberg, you can find many friendly co-workers.

Places to Visit

Guttenberg offers many indoor and outdoor activities. For exciting local attractions and activities, you should check out James J. Braddock North Hudson County Park. You can learn many interesting facts about horses and horse riding and even try it out yourself! During summer, you can enjoy musical performances in the park’s amphitheater. Nearby sights of James J. Braddock North Hudson County area are The Old Glory Park and Guttenberg Resource Center. Another exciting park that you must visit is Overpeck County Park. Here you can gather around your family on a sunny weekend for a peaceful picnic with a view of Manhattan. You can also bring your fishing equipment and enjoy the park’s lake.

For food and drinks, you can visit PromiseLand Winery and enjoy their good wines with the beautiful scenery of vineyards. Many visitors loved it, and we are sure you will like it too! Also, an exciting place you can visit is Sodes Perk Central Coffee House & Cafe. This is a restaurant within a grocery shop. You can spend quality time with your family while shopping for necessities for your household! Whatever you decide to buy and bring to your new home, moving boxes Jersey City company residents trust provides will ensure the safe arrival of your belongings to the new location.

a family gathering
Guttenberg has many family-friendly locations.

Moving to Guttenberg With the Right Movers

To sum up, we have looked at the most critical factors you need to consider before moving to Guttenberg. Those are housing, cost of living, employment market, and hanging out and shopping locations. Therefore, we can conclude that Guttenberg is a city perfectly designed for small families who want to pursue a peaceful life. It is also an excellent place to have your kids educated since Guttenberg’s schools offer premium education. Even if you are planning a family, Guttenberg is ready for you. Couples will enjoy romantic scenery and exciting road trips to neighboring New York City. There is something for everyone in Guttenberg. Moreover, if you want to explore the city’s charms, you only need our expert moving company. We are professionals at tailoring relocation according to clients’ wishes.



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