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A guide to moving day etiquette

When the moving day comes, you’re gonna be in contact with a lot of people. How well you communicate will determine how smooth the process will go. Moving day etiquette is all about making that day more pleasant for everyone. Our NJ movers and packers will also help you with all the necessary things. With all that being said, let’s move on to the guide, shall we?

Moving day etiquette

There are certain moving day etiquette norms that need to be followed. Whether you are embarking on this journey by yourself or you’re hiring a professional company, certain etiquette rules apply to both. For the moving day to go smoothly you need everyone included to be on the same page. You would be surprised how hard it actually is to accomplish this. People tend to forget their manners when the moving truck arrives. Let’s go over some of these important manners that everyone should abide by.

Organize all of your stuff

To avoid any confusion that may occur, you need to classify and label every box. Use a marker, the best choice is the bold one, to mark each box and where it’s supposed to go. Movers surely don’t want to see your stuff packed in trash bags. One more thing that is very convenient and will help you a lot is the inventory list. It’s highly recommended to create one. That way you can check off as items are moving out of your home into a new one.

Man and woman packing books
Make sure to label and classify all items in boxes

Pack everything and be ready

Before the moving company arrives, it’s always a nice gesture to be packed and ready. Needless to say that the moving company workers will be grateful. This will allow them to immediately start doing their job. The sooner they start, the faster they’ll finish. That way everyone included will go through the process with less stress. Packing is always easier when you have someone helping you out. Therefore, you should get your family involved in the process.

Taking care of arrangements is part of moving day etiquette

There are a number of administrative tasks that you need to handle before moving. If you don’t, your movers will be left waiting around. Maybe you need to reserve an elevator or perhaps get a permit for the moving truck. Depending on the season you might have more tasks to handle. During the winter, you may have to salt and shovel pathways and sidewalks before the movers arrive. If you are moving near the area of Hackensack, movers Hackensack provide the best service that you’re gonna need.

Providing food and drinks

The process of moving is known to drain a lot of energy. Because of that, it’s your job to provide that energy in the shape of food and drinks. It’s always a nice gesture to put out bottles of cold drinks in the summer. The best solution is cold water. During the winter, it’s convenient to offer some hot drinks like coffee or tea. Your movers will also get hungry. Buying them a pizza, burger, or similar quick alternative will replenish their energy. It’s always a good idea to offer some fruits too.

Woman offering food to workers
Keeping workers well-fed and hydrated is a part of a moving day etiquette

Keep moving supplies nearby

Moving companies will bring their own supplies but it would help to have a few extra nearby. If they don’t find any use for the movers, maybe they’ll help you to transport items. With an ongoing pandemic, it’s very important to follow safety measures for movers and your friends alike. That includes extra masks, plenty of paper towels, hand soaps, and sanitizers. Even though movers have safety protocols, you can still take matters into your own hands. One of them is to disinfect all of the high-touch areas. Also, if it’s possible, try to keep a safe distance from each other.

Help, but don’t interfere

We know that you want to help, but sometimes it’s better to let people do their job. You can occasionally offer help, but don’t overdo it. Instead of unnecessary comments and actions, use that time for some other useful activities like these:

  • to avoid noise and disturbance, keep your kids and pets away from workers
  • say goodbye to your old neighbors
  • packing your own car is a good way to kill time
  • check house once again in case you forgot something

There are probably a few more things you can do, but figure that out by yourself. There’s one thing you should always keep in mind. Don’t stray away in case you’re needed for an important task or information.

Giving workers a proper tip is a good moving day etiquette

Tipping is not mandatory, but it’s a good way to reward hardworking individuals. They’ll be grateful and you will be satisfied that you honored the well-known custom. Therefore, you need to have some cash on your person at all times. You can gauge how much you will tip by how complicated the move was. If friends and family were involved in your moving process, make sure to reward them in some way. From experience, an invitation to dinner or gift card is an interesting reward. For some, just a simple “thank you” will be enough.

People exchanging money as part of a good moving day etiquette
It’s customary to tip workers an appropriate amount

Get to know your new neighbors

When you arrive at your new address, it’s very important to make a good first impression. You can do it by being friendly and polite to your new neighbors. Introduce yourself and inform them about your arrival. Ask them kindly for a little understanding in the process of moving in. Being honest will make them trust you. Therefore, they’re more likely to help you with everything you need. After you’ve settled down, you can throw a house party to get to know them better. If you are moving a long distance, long distance movers NJ got you covered.

Final thoughts about moving day etiquette

Now that you know everything about good moving day etiquette, moving day will go smoother and with less stress. Hopefully, these tips helped you in expanding your knowledge of etiquette. You can utilize this knowledge not only when moving, but in everyday life as well!


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