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5 creative ways for labeling moving boxes

Let’s face it, packing for the move is a tedious business. Finding appropriate boxes and getting proper packing material is just the first step. Next come the decluttering and sorting useful and redundant items. Only after you’ve decided in which order to approach this task, comes the actual packing. And after each box is shut, you will find the text that follows to be of great use. Labeling moving boxes is recommendable, important and useful. As with any task, multiple solutions guarantee that you will find one that suits you best. Having that in mind, we will provide some creative ways in which you can deal with this small chore.

Why is labeling moving boxes important?

To elaborate on this claim, we will begin by painting you a picture. Imagine that you packed all of your boxes, shut them tightly, but failed to label them. All of a sudden, you are in desperate need of a bottle opener. But, where did you pack it? Surely, it must have been that box with kitchen appliances. Or, was it the one where all the small tools are? Maybe the box with cutlery? Oh well, you’ll just open them all and see. Now, where could those boxes be? These should be the ones where all the bedroom trinkets are. The adjacent ones are filled with books. Or are they? You can proceed with opening each and every one, of course. But, oh my, look at the time! Who has the hours to go through all of the boxes, and reseal them after the search is done?

A man looking in the enterior of a washing machine
Your bottle opener is probably not there.

We are pretty sure that you get the picture. Labeling the boxes minimizes the time and effort needed for the search of any item. You are also aware of the fragility of packed items. You can, therefore, pay special attention to that box. Not the mention the ease with which you can unpack. Opening a box with food in your new bathroom can really ruin the whole experience.

Five ways to help you go about this task

One more thing before we cut to the chase. It is important to have proper boxes for the move. If you are struggling to find them, check out moving boxes Jersey City. They will provide you with any kind, shape, and size you might need. Now have adequate boxes for all of your belongings, let’s proceed with the labeling.

1. Something like twister

Who says coloring is only for the little ones? We don’t suggest that you paint the whole box, although you can do it if you so wish. We were rather thinking about something more low key. Color coding usually comes hand in hand with room-by-room labeling. We’ll give you an example. Color red will be designated for all boxes that contain kitchen items. Blue color – bathroom, green for the bedroom, and yellow for the living room. Kind of like playing Twister. Now, when you go looking for that bottle opener, you will know which boxes are the ones to start with. Additionally, when the movers unload the truck, they can leave each box at its proper room right then and there. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

A painted face
Who would have thought that labeling moving boxes can be so much fun? Wake up your inner Pollock

2. Order nonetheless

We have already mentioned room-by-room labeling. We’d like to add that this method can be utilized even without different colors. Maybe you’re just not that kind of a person, or simply haven’t had the time to get markers of a different hue. Still, we strongly suggest that each box has the name of the room it was packed in written on the side.

3. Some things come first

Priority code labeling also has its perks. It can help with the order by which the boxes are loaded into the truck. It is also useful when the unloading comes. Your relocators, such as affordable movers NJ on a budget, will be glad to have their job simplified. They will be able to prioritize when moving boxes to their designated rooms. Additionally, the priority can be set by the urgency of unpacking. For example, food products should be moved to the fridge as soon as possible. You can label the boxes with letters. L would be for low priority, M for medium and H for high. Utilizing this method when labeling moving boxes will ensure that you don’t unpack your winter coat when looking for a bathing suit.

A delicious looking pizza
Never let the pizza spoil

4. Detailed inventory

The numbering system is tightly connected with creating a list of your belongings. If you number your boxes from 1 to 12, it’s necessary to have an inventory list of all the items contained in the numbered boxes. This list will come in handy when you start to unpack because you will know exactly where each item is. If you want to have a cup of coffee, just refer to the list and look in the box with a number 3 on it. Of course, this system yearns for the room’s name written on the packaging. You can use any or both of the first and the second method that we’ve described.

5. Name things as they are

When labeling boxes, you can opt for the label-by-name system. It’s worth noting that this one is also dependant on previously mentioned methods. You will need to write the contents of the box on its side. The way you group your belongings it up to you. If it’s according to the softness, for example, a smart thing would be to also write the room in which they belong. It will prevent living room pillows from mixing with your kids’ skiing clothing. Also, if you choose to pack an espresso machine with your bedroom lamp, it’s perfectly fine. We only suggest that you maybe add the letter L for low priority unpacking.


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