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10 questions you should ask your movers

There are many questions you should ask your movers. Not only that you should know how they will organize your moving, but there are a lot of things that you can learn. For most people moving is a hard and too complicated process. So, let’s see why you could ask your movers.

What you should ask your movers and learn from them?

Since you live or want to live in New Jersey, there are a lot of things that you can and should learn about that city. Although there is a lot of information about the city itself, you should inform about it from the real people. Those who live there surely know a lot about the soul of the city and the habits of their inhabitants. The first people you will actually meet are people who work in moving company. Do not hesitate to ask them everything you need to know. Even the questions that seem that are too private or rely on personal experience. If you want to know which places are good for fun, the best person to answer it is the one who lives there.

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Movers
Questions are good, they teach us and resolve doubts.

10 questions you could ask your movers

No matter if you are moving to New Jersey for the first time, there are questions that you should ask your movers about this city first. However, there are questions you should ask your movers about moving that precedes. Some of them are closely connected with the organization in the company. The other ones could teach you how to prepare for moving professionally.

Moving license

The first question that you should ask your moving company is if they are licensed for the moving. Although you currently do not know much about the procedure, there are great ways to check it. You can look on the internet if they have a trademark, or established a brand name. There are great associations that accept new members only if they fulfill specified conditions. On the other hand, you can check how they designed their logo, their page on the internet or their advertisements. In this way, moving to New Jersey will feel much safer.

Recommendations and positive reviews

We know that you will not even think of hiring somebody without recommendations. The question is how to find the most reliable ones. Thankfully, there are a lot of internet sites, forums and social networks that help. Be careful with them, though. Check if site or forum has an option of erasing the comments. In that case, a company can control and delete reviews that are not favorable.

How do they deal with the long-distance moving?

There are companies that are specialized in moving on short distances. They know how long it takes and how much workers they need. Still, you may need long distance movers New Jersey to help you out. They can prepare more workers and larger trucks for your move. The prices they charge may be higher too. So, before moving, try to find a moving company that is experienced particularly in this type of moving.

One of the questions you should ask your movers is if they are safe

It is obvious that every moving company has their safety control. They have people who organize safety and moving process. However, most of them sometimes forget to warn you about things that could go wrong. For those reasons, you should ask for insurance, if they have their ones or you should take your own. The best moving companies will connect you with the best insurance companies, too.

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Movers
Everybody has the right to ask question.

Ask them for payment and discounts

The best companies have discounts and free estimates for their customers. It would be best if you can ask for discounts or special prices in special conditions. It should be a question that you ask when collect moving quotes New Jersey. In some cases, you can have a free estimate as a gift on the top of the price that they have charged. Finally, ask them how much do they charge their services. The best companies have options for payments with credit cards or loans.

How do they work?

Every company should have good communication with the stuff. They will answer with the reliability and response. For you, as a customer, this is one of the questions you should ask your movers. You should know if their workers are reliable enough. Ask them if they have the proper tool and equipment. Also, ask for the experience their workers have.

Ask if they have special services

Professional moving companies will not offer only moving as the primary service. Companies with the experience know that their customers have much more problems and questions to ask. That is why questions you should ask your movers should include which services they offer.

  • For many people is very important if the moving company has their own storages if it is needed;
  • Packing services are a must-have in moving companies nowadays, so this should be one of the questions you should ask your movers before moving;
  • Some people do not need moving company itself, but they will only need to rent a moving truck;
  • You maybe do not know for that, but you should be able to rent workers for moving only;
  • Thanks to the moving boxes Jersey City you can rent or buy boxes for packing without hiring moving company itself.

After you have asked all of those questions, you should know if you deal with the professional company or not.

The cancellation policy

It is obvious that you should be able to cancel their services at every moment. There are a lot of reasons for that. In some cases, you can cancel the moving and they have to return the payment or at least part of the upfront payment. This is one of the first questions you should ask your movers.

Do they have a person of trust?

When moving starts you will be in a rush and occupied with the packing and other problems. The moving company will also start with their jobs. However, the best companies have a person that connect both sides and answer questions. That person should be available at every moment.

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Movers
Every company should have a person that answers frequently asked questions.

Does a company have a procedure for special situations?

This is also very important even moving has not started yet. What if something goes wrong? How do they deal with those type of situations? This is one of the questions you should ask your movers even before making a plan of moving. They should have a procedure for some expected problems as experienced companies obviously know the problems that may occur.


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